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SportsPower is one of the leading major independent sports brands in the Australian sports and fitness market with over 100 stores across the country.

What kind of products can I find at SPORTSPOWER?

Sportspower proudly supplies Australians with comfortable sportswear such as tops, leggings, footwear, bottoms, tanks, sport bras, jackets, hoodies, pants, shorts, sweats, as well as sporting accessories and equipment for multiple disciplines.


Frequently asked questions about SPORTSPOWER

When was SPORTSPOWER created?

**Sportspower **was founded in 1978 in Australia by a group of 8 independent sporting retailers that formed a co-operative named ‘Sports Star’. Their idea was simple: operating as a group offered greater advantages than trying to survive as individual retailers. As they began successfully growing, other independent retailers wanted to get on board and with a rapid growth in membership came a new name ‘City & Country Sports’ which in 1985 became SportsPower.

Since their beginnings, **SportsPower **has marketed and built a successful and sustainable brand over many years. The company has kept it relevant, fresh and ready to meet the needs of the market. The group has continued to increase its advertising and marketing presence as well as it’s footprint and over the years has embarked on an expansion program to grow to over 120 stores and become highly regarded within the sporting goods industry and market in Australia.

What brands can I find at SPORTSPOWER?

Sportspower’s stores sell and distribute over 50 of the top sporting brands to give you the best range. Some of the store’s featured brands include Adidas, ASICS, New Balance, Nike, Puma, Champion, Sherrin, Spalding, Steeden, Gilbert, Wilson, PTP, and Bodyworx Fitness, among others.

How to save money at SPORTSPOWER

As your trusted local sporting expert, Sportspower’s customers can save money by checking out their recent catalogues and discover their best sale deals.

Who are SPORTSPOWER's main competitors across the country?

Sportspower’s main competitors include other Australian sport retailers like SportsDirect, Rebel Sport, Intersport, Asga, OnSport, Sportsco, and Decathlon.

How to get exclusive benefits at SPORTSPOWER

Customers can get many Sportspower’s benefits by subscribing to their newsletter and be the first to receive tips, inspiring stories, and product updates from SportsPower.

Will SPORTSPOWER have deals on Black Friday?

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Discounts offered by SPORTSPOWER

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