Australian health solutions: National Pharmacies best buys

Pharmacies are vital businesses. In addition to medicines and cosmetics, you can find essential hygiene products. National Pharmacies also has online shopping and secure home delivery. What products can you get here? A list of the best buys:

Hair care products

Shampoos, hair masks, smoothing and detangling creams, dry shampoo, styling products such as hairspray, fixing gel, heat protectant, as well as hair loss treatments. All this can be found in the hair section.

Hand gels and soaps

In the body-shower section you will find soaps and gels. After the pandemic, the habit of washing your hands often remained and, even if you don't leave the house, we advise you to shower daily to continue with the routine.

Toothbrushes and toothpaste

You can also find any item for daily oral hygiene. Toothbrushes for the little ones and for adults, toothpaste, mouthwash, dental floss.

Feminine hygiene products

In the body-female health section you will find tampons, intimate hygiene soaps, lubricants and other products for women. Of course, they can also provide you with pregnancy tests.

First-aid kit

At National Pharmacies you have plasters, gauze, thermometers, hot and cold gels, callus dressings, blisters, saline solution and sanitizing gel.

Products for aches and pains

They also have sprays and capsules to combat joint pain, to improve blood circulation and relieve heavy legs, capsules to improve digestion or eliminate toxins, sprays for throat discomfort, wipes for eyelids. In addition to a wide variety of products to boost defenses. What other products can you find here? There is a variety of perfumes and makeup. You can pamper yourself or give that gift to your loved one. Pharmacies are not just for buying medicines. The variety of products is wide and you can choose this option instead of going to the supermarket. It will be faster, more agile and efficient. If you want to improve your beauty routine, we unveil the best beauty picks from this store. These items will make your skin look much more rejuvenated.


Constant exposure to the sun's rays is detrimental to skin health. If you work at a beach resort and you are almost always outdoors, using a good sunscreen will be the key to avoid sunburn.

Lip balm

Lip balm is a great ally for your skin and has multiple uses. You can use it to correct makeup, remove makeup or make your eyebrows look perfect. How? If you rub lip balm into the swirls of your eyebrows, you will see that they are sealed and well groomed.

Make-up remover wipes

They are used to remove make-up quickly, but only superficially as they don’t remove 100% of residues. Another complement will be necessary to do a deep cleansing. We recommend that you wash your face with plenty of soap and water to make sure you remove all impurities and apply a facial toner and moisturizer.

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Australian health solutions: National Pharmacies best buys

Transforming homes: Bunnings Warehouse impact

Do you want to give your home a new look? Many times we think that home decoration is really expensive and almost impossible to achieve with a small budget. There are several simple and original ideas to give your house a new look spending very little money. That’s the Bunnings Warehouse impact! A previous tip: clean the floors first with some fresh fragrance. Then you are ready to experience the home renovation firsthand. At Australian DIY and hardware stores like Bunnings Warehouse you'll find everything you need to bring value and timeliness back into your home without shelling out thousands of dollars. Pay attention to our tips and transform your home like never before.


Apart from doubling the light and allowing you to see yourself before going out, mirrors also act as decorative elements capable of marking a before and after. They should never be missing in the hall. You can place it leaning against the wall, on top of the sideboard or combine it with other objects. Try not to let it monopolize all the space, let it be part of a still life in which you can play with volumes and heights. At Bunnings Warehouse there are beautiful and super cheap mirrors. Our choice, which could be used in the bathroom, living room or bedroom, is the Diamond Edge Mirror. It costs $27.10.

Glass tables

Glass tables, due to their visual lightness and fragility, are great for designing more elegant rooms. They also make spaces appear larger and brighter. Always remember to add a pretty bouquet of flowers in a pretty vase and other decorative elements such as candles, books or a tray. If your house has an overload of wooden furniture and the walls are painted in a dark color, glass tables will be your best option. Try the change and you will see how the space is modified just by incorporating a glass table. At this store you can find a wide variety of kitchen and patio tables. If you are a fan of barbecues and like to invite friends over, we suggest the Atlanta Outdoor Table. It costs $899.


Wallpaper will help you create more elegant environments. You don't need to wallpaper the whole room, you can decorate one wall and leave the rest with paint. In this way, you will focus your attention on one point and you won't spend so much money. This is a great way to decorate the headboard wall in the bedroom or to add style to boring homes. What about floral patterns? They are great for adding sweetness and large doses of naturalness. They come in many types: English style, with watercolor flowers, with leaf patterns. Just try to avoid bright and very intense colors. In stores like Bunnings Warehouse you will find all kinds of wallpapers at a very convenient price.

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Transforming homes: Bunnings Warehouse impact

Electronics by the Coral Sea: australian contributions to tech

The world's technologies aren’t exclusive to the United States, Japan or Korea. Whenever we see a technological breakthrough, we associate it with those countries. However, there are many inventions that are highly valued worldwide that originated in Australia. What are Australia's contributions to tech? Let's take a look. You're sure to be surprised. Some of them are so commonplace that we wouldn’t even have wondered about their origin. Of course the list is subjective, as there are many contributions from this country.

Flight data recorder (black box)

If today we can collect information and listen to what happened in an airplane cabin prior to an accident, it is thanks to an Australian named David Warren. He came up with the original black box idea in 1953, but they believed that the device somehow violated the pilots' privacy. It would have been forgotten had it not been for the fact that in the 1960s the UK became interested in flight data (information and voice) recorders, making them mandatory devices for modern commercial aircraft.


This antibiotic that has saved lives for many decades was discovered in 1928, in London, by Alexander Fleming. But it was not until 1940 that Howard W. Florey of Australia's Ernst Chain described the process of purifying penicillin for medicinal use.


The first pacemaker prototype was created in 1932 in the United States, but it had a small drawback: it was located outside the body and was driven by a hand crank. Since that time, several people have tried to perfect the device, but it was the Australians who succeeded. In the 1980s, the company Telectronics created the pacemaker as we know it today.


Long before you started having fun with the boomerang feature on social media, kids in the 1980s and 1990s used to play with this object on the beach. Australia takes boomerang very seriously, so much so that since 1988 it has been promoting the world championship.


The faithful companion of our days, which preserves everything from a few insignificant tomatoes to slices of pizza and meat, was created in 1856. An Australian brewery hired James Herrison to develop a refrigeration system for its products, which is still in use today. Could you imagine living without a refrigerator? It is an absolute companion in the summer season to keep drinks cool and also other products such as fruits, vegetables or ice cream.

Toilet button

You've probably used this resource and never wondered about its origin, but in a country with limited water resources dual flushing is an extremely important issue. The system was invented by a company called Caroma, which received an incentive from the Australian government to develop a water-saving idea. Launched in 1981, dual flush is now mandatory in all Australian homes.

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Electronics by the Coral Sea: australian contributions to tech

Australian-made cars and automotive innovations

Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota, Fiat, Peugeot. These are some of the major brands that control the automotive market worldwide. They haven’t only expanded with subsidiaries, but have also made strategic partnerships to win more and more weight. Australia has its own car brands and those created for the local market by Toyota, General Motors and Ford. But many no longer exist. However, they have strong roots among locals and are still sold as used. Let's take a look at cars in Australia.


Holden is considered Australia's oldest automotive company. Its predecessor J.A. Holden and Co., founded in 1856, had a long history of manufacturing saddles and only switched to vehicle parts in 1908. General Motors bought the business in 1931 and was able to pull Holden out of its long stagnation. Thanks to his initiative, machine production was launched in 1948. The forced postponement arose due to World War II, when all factories switched to the production of military equipment. Over time, the company began to suffer losses and the Holden brand officially ceased to exist on January 1, 2021. Now all cars that are available in the domestic market of the country are imported from abroad.


The full name of FPV is Ford Performance Vehicles. This brand appeared in 2002 on the basis of Ford Tickford Experience and existed until 2014 as one of the divisions of Ford Australia. At the same time, Ford Motor Company of Australia owned only half of the company and the second part was at the disposal of the British car racing team Prodrive. Historically, this is because the FTE dealer network was preceded by a partnership between Ford and Tickford (an engineering company previously owned by Prodrive). They teamed up to build Falcon-based cars, and together they formed Ford Tickford Experience to sell them.


The HSV brand existed as a subsidiary of Holden and disappeared with it on January 1, 2021. This company was created in 1987 to replace the Holden dealer team. It was co-founded by Tom Walkinshaw Racing and General Motors car manufacturer Holden. Modifications of several cars were produced under the HSV brand. The most famous are: the Avalanche crossover SUV, the ClubSport sports sedan and the Senator luxury sports car.


Elfin is one of the few car manufacturers in Australia that has not closed down. It still exists, although it has not produced anything since March 2012. As the company's full name (Elfin Sports Cars Pty Ltd.) suggests, it specializes in the manufacture of racing and sports cars. The company was founded in 1959 and kept changing owners. The headquarters of the organization is in Melbourne and the factories in the suburbs. Until 2012, three models of vehicles were produced there: sports cars MS8 Clubman, MS8 Streamliner and T5 Clubman.

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Australian-made cars and automotive innovations

Cheap as Chips: the discount department store that has it all

In today's economy, finding quality products at affordable prices has become a priority for many shoppers. Cheap as Chips, the popular discount department store, has emerged as the go-to destination for those looking to stretch their budget without compromising on quality. Offering a wide range of products, from household essentials to fashionable clothing, Cheap as Chips truly has it all. With over 45 stores across Australia, Cheap as Chips has become a household name for bargain hunters. From small regional towns to bustling city centers, customers can easily find a store nearby. The store's bright and welcoming atmosphere makes the shopping experience enjoyable, and the friendly staff members are always ready to assist customers in finding the best deals.

Everything you need in one place

One of the main attractions of Cheap as Chips is its expansive product range. Whether you are looking for home decor, gardening essentials, kitchenware, toys, or pet supplies, you're sure to find it at Cheap as Chips. Their aisles are stocked with thousands of products, making it a one-stop shop for all your needs. In addition to household items, Cheap as Chips also offers a surprisingly fashionable clothing section. Their clothing range includes everything from everyday basics to trendy pieces. Shoppers can find affordable t-shirts, jeans, dresses, and accessories for men, women, and children. The store also caters to all sizes, ensuring that everyone can find something that fits comfortably and looks great.

Very low prices…

One of the reasons why Cheap as Chips is so successful is because they prioritize offering their products at incredibly low prices. While other retailers may charge premium prices, Cheap as Chips focuses on providing affordability, without compromising on the quality of their products. This approach has resonated with budget-conscious shoppers, who can find everything they need at a fraction of the cost at other stores. Furthermore, Cheap as Chips understands the importance of customer satisfaction. Their commitment to excellent customer service ensures that shoppers feel valued and appreciated. Whether it's assistance with finding a particular item, returning a product, or simply offering a friendly smile, the staff at Cheap as Chips go above and beyond to meet the needs of their customers.

…And lots of sales!

Another great advantage of shopping at Cheap as Chips is their regular sales and promotions. Customers can take advantage of weekly specials and discounts on various items throughout the store. These savings allow shoppers to purchase even more products while staying within their budget.

In conclusion, Cheap as Chips has solidified itself as a discount department store that truly has it all. With its wide-ranging product selection, including home essentials and fashionable clothing, shoppers can find everything they need in one place. The store's commitment to affordability and excellent customer service further reinforces its appeal to budget-conscious consumers. So, next time you're looking for quality products at unbeatable prices, look no further than Cheap as Chips. If you are looking for even more amazing deals and discounts, don’t forget to check all the catalogs on MyDeals365!


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Cheap as Chips: the discount department store that has it all

Boxing Day sports: A day of tradition

Boxing Day, apart from being a day of great bargains and shopping, has a very special meaning in Australia: it is a day of tradition. Although it is not far from the significance that the day has in Great Britain and in all the colonies that have been British. Most of the stores in the country take advantage of the moment to make sales of up to 80% on their products. Some consider it to be an event as big or bigger than Black Friday. What do people do? Many important sporting events take place on Boxing Day.

Cricket game at the Melbourne Cricket Ground

The game is between Australia's national cricket team and other national teams traveling around Australia. The match starts on Boxing Day and can last up to five days. Between 1999 and 2007, the Australian cricket team won every Boxing Day Test match, marking a major victory for the nation. With a capacity of 100,000 spectators, the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) is the largest stadium in Australia, as well as the largest cricket stadium in the world. It is located approximately one kilometer from the center of Melbourne. In the winter the ground hosts Australian soccer matches, while in the summer it is used for cricket. Cricket is extremely popular in Australia during the summer. The MCG is the home of the Melbourne Cricket Club and there are few events in the Australian sporting calendar that attract as much interest as the Boxing Day Test match, which is played between the Australian team and a visiting team, such as England, South Africa or India.

Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race

The race covers a distance of 630 nautical miles between Sydney Harbour and Hobart on the island of Tasmania. Traditionally, yachts took about six days to reach Hobart, but now the fastest yacht does it in less than two days. Media interest in these sporting highlights means that television programs are dominated by sporting events on Boxing Day. People also spend the day traveling home from relatives or to a planned summer vacation destination, which usually coincides with the school vacation period. What started as a cruise among friends has become one of the most important regattas in the world. The current record was set by Wild Oats XI in 2005, which crossed the finish line in 1 day, 18 hours, 40 minutes and 10 seconds.

Shopping and sports

Be sure to arrive early on Boxing Day to get the best deals or enjoy additional discounts on the second sales in mid-January. Remember that department stores are always a safe bet for savvy bargain hunters, because you can find everything in one building. And if you are a sports fan, it will also be a great day for you. Buy tickets to watch your favorite team or just sit back and relax in front of the TV.

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Boxing Day sports: A day of tradition

How to save money on Christmas shopping

Christmas is getting closer and one of the biggest worries is buying gifts. If we don't calculate the budget, we can overspend and end up regretting later for running out of money. In Australia there are several chains where you will find good gifts at the best prices. You just have to pay more attention to your consumption and follow some of the tips we give you to save money on Christmas shopping.

Make a list

Make a list of all your holiday expenses and prioritize each one. The spending list should include everything from gifts to Christmas cards to decorations, special gifts, stocking stuffers, food and clothes. You may find it helpful to review last year's bank statements to see what you bought.

Set a budget

Creating a budget is a good way to keep track of expenses. You can use an app to write down the figures or use a notebook or a classic Excel sheet. The important thing is to write down every gift you are going to give at Christmas. Once the budget is established, remember to compare the prices of online shopping with those of physical stores, and check your movements to avoid surprises. Many people get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holidays and forget to keep track of their budget.

Buy gifts early

Take advantage of discounts that come earlier and earlier every year. Also, by shopping early, you will be able to compare prices and not overpay for the same product. Look for gift offers that are beautiful and interesting. You can also go to outlet stores, where you will find quality items from past seasons at incredible prices. Write a letter with what you consider essential and make sure that all your gifts have their ticket. The purpose is that you can return it in case you haven't succeeded and that you don't lose the money.

Play “Secret Santa”

If there are many in the family, play “Secret Santa”. It is a way to save money in a fun and effective way. This way everyone gets a gift, but you only buy one. The economic savings are considerable. It is a good solution and everyone wins, since the gift will be personalized and doesn’t involve so much effort. You can reuse elements that you have at home and make all kinds of designs that you consider original. It's all a matter of imagination and practicality.

Buying in second hand stores

Every day we are more open to buying in vintage markets to equip our home with second-hand products. Try making gifts this year from already used objects to give them a new use and create a more sustainable Christmas. Not only will you save good money, but secondhand shopping is great for the environment.

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How to save money on Christmas shopping

The best Christmas deals of 2023

Christmas is getting closer and you can start shopping for gifts. There are multiple options for all budgets. If you don't want to spend too much, we propose some gifts that, although they aren’t completely original, are well accepted by people. Try to find out what that special person wants. But if you don't feel like it, you can choose from the selection we put together. There are stores with special deals for this date, such as The Reject Shop, Cotsco, Goldmark, Zamel's Jewellery, Jeanswest, The Athlete's Foot, Levi’s, Mr. Toys and Toyworld, where you can find everything and at the best price.

Wireless chargers

In practice, the Qi standard is the most common standard for wireless chargers. If the person's phone allows wireless charging, it will be compatible with the Qi standard. Also note the model and brand of the phone so that you can get advice from a retailer. In several stores of Australia you will find all kinds of wireless chargers: in the form of bases, docks or mats, and chargers that combine other functionalities such as allowing charging of smartwatches.


With seasonal changes it is always common to make a complete closet renovation, which also includes footwear. Giving sneakers as a gift is a good option and what we recommend is to buy a discreet color such as black, white or gray to avoid making a mistake. The options are endless and fluorescent colors are very fashionable. But in any case, you can always change your shoes. There are a lot of brands that have achieved a premium development of sneakers. Although the variety is wide and you can buy according to your budget.

Set of pillows

Pillows with Christmas designs are always a classic for children and you can choose this option as a gift. Also, many people love to decorate their home for the holidays and pillows would add a special touch to the place.


With puzzles, children train fine motor skills, improve hand-eye coordination and exercise concentration and patience. They also learn to solve problems with strategies and in a structured way, something that is achieved through the repetitive classification of the pieces. It is the ideal gift if you have more than one child so they can play together and collaborate in the assembly. The number of pieces depends on the age of the child. When the puzzle is finished, you can apply a light coat of adhesive protector on the image and then frame it.


Although perfumes are very personal, you can find out beforehand which one that person likes the most. Some people prefer fruity fragrances and others prefer floral, or simply a combination of the two. In the biggest stores you will find a wide variety of perfumes. Some are already a trademark of the brand, but there are always new releases for dates like Mother's Day or Christmas.

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The best Christmas deals of 2023

How to maximize your post-Black Friday savings

Black Friday is just the tip of the iceberg. After this big discount event there are other dates worth keeping in mind to buy cheap. During Cyber Monday the sales continue, December is an ideal month to liquidate Christmas gifts and in January the summer season liquidations start. In Australia, as in other countries around the world, the possibilities of finding bargains are endless. They begin with Black Friday, but they don't end there. So don't feel bad if you couldn’t buy something on that date. Australian stores are now gearing up for their most important selling season, which even extends into February with Valentine's Day. How to maximize your post-Black Friday savings? Take note.

Join social media

The Facebook, Instagram and X (formerly Twitter) profiles of your favorite stores are a great way to learn about exclusive deals and promotions. Retailers often reward customers who like or follow them on social media with special alerts about discounts and incentives. And, of course, text messages and social media posts are also an easy way to share shopping information with your friends.

Set a budget and stick to it

Yes, this sounds simple. The special discounts that stores promote in limited quantities are designed with the intention of attracting your attention so that you enter the store or buy things online that you had no intention of buying in the first place. It is very easy to get excited and end up overspending. Decide early on how much you want to spend on your purchases and do your best to resist impulse buying, especially if you're not sure how good the deal is.

Use loyalty programs

Loyalty programs offer members access to coupons, deals and promotions in advance, plus they allow them to accumulate rewards for what they buy. So sign up to receive deal alerts. In some cases, you can even check to see if the products you want are available in-store or if you can buy them online and pick them up later in-store, which can save you money on shipping costs.

Review all store policies in advance

It's always good to know a store's return and price-matching policies. Almost all major retailers have some type of price-matching policy and have been extending it almost every year. However, some stores suspend their price match guarantees on certain items during and after Black Friday, so be sure to read the fine print. Check the return and exchange policies for sales to make sure the store won't charge you a restocking fee if you return an item.

Avoid store sales and shop online

While many deals will be available in person and online, you may have better luck and more options shopping from your phone or computer. In recent years, we've seen retailers offer more promotions online than in-store.

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How to maximize your post-Black Friday savings

Black Friday Australia: don't miss out on these amazing deals!

First of all, let's explain what Black Friday is. Most of us are more familiar with Cyber Monday or Cyber Week and lose sight of this event of deals that we can take advantage of. Black Friday is a day of deep discounts to get consumers a head start on their Christmas shopping. You can access a number of financing promotions and discounts that you probably didn't get to see on other dates. Big stores in Australia such as Costco, Target, TK Maxx or Harvey Norman adhere to this initiative and you will be able to buy what you have left pending. Don't miss out on their amazing deals! Black Friday is the date chosen by the vast majority of companies to launch their offers on a massive scale. Many stores also offer discounts the days before, but it is always better to buy on the specific date. This year 2023 is November 24. On the appointed day, we can find discounts on all kinds of items in retail stores and online stores. Currently, Black Friday is also the day on which most companies offer their technology products, up to 85% more than on Cyber Monday or Cyber Week. In addition, there are firms that only participate in Black Friday, so you will have more variety to choose from. But the disadvantage is that the products with the best prices fly, so if you are not fast enough you could be left with nothing. There are thousands of people waiting to buy the same as you. The recommendation from here is that you choose that day to buy “whims”, those products that you could buy only if you find an incredible offer. Also keep in mind that Black Friday is the day when you can find the best discounts on non-technological products, such as clothing, shoes or beauty products.

The best Black Friday deals

From technology to furniture for your home. Also construction materials such as faucets, power tools and paints. Another of the jewels of Black Friday are the stoves, which have already registered a considerable increase in sales during last year in Australia. Cell phones, consoles, clothing and decorative items are also on sale. If you are thinking of renewing your closet, it is a good time to buy seasonal clothing on sale or a selection of garments from previous collections at a bargain price. If you are a technology fanatic, you can also take advantage of this time to buy cell phones, tablets or computers at a good price and it might even be time to consider renovating your home. You can opt for a new armchair or simply think about reconditioning the patio for when the warmer months return. Books can only have a certain discount and it is a product that drops in price steadily throughout the year, so buying that novel you have been waiting for is not very advisable.

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Black Friday Australia: don't miss out on these amazing deals!

The best Cyber Monday deals on electronics

Electronics account for more than 50% of household energy costs. Using them wisely will help you reduce the value of your next energy bill. But at this point we must differentiate between savings when buying electronics and savings when using them. The first step is to choose well which computer, tablet, television or cellphone you want without compromising your salary. In the best Australian stores such as The Good Guys, JB Hi-Fi, Godfreys or Bing Lee you can find a huge variety of electronic products at the best prices on the market, especially on Cyber Monday. How to take advantage of the best deals? Read this guide.

Compare prices in store and online

The same electronics may have a different price in each store. It's easy to think that the difference will be a few dollars, but it can go beyond that if there are special offers involved. That's why it's important to compare prices in different physical stores and also in their online version. You will see that the stores have similar models but with small variations in price or features. The best way to prepare yourself before buying any electronic appliance on Cyber Monday is to compare prices, first online and then in the store.

Consider private labels and second brands

To save when buying your appliances you need to look beyond the traditional brands. In the market you will find private labels and second brands. Private label brands are those sold by big chains as their own lines. And second brands are additional brands from well-known manufacturers.

Don't be persuaded by offers

Burrs are always positive, although it is advisable to analyze them first. Why buy the best computer if you are not going to use it? Even if it costs the same as a smaller one, you will spend more energy and possibly more on the purchase. There are two other alternatives to save on the purchase of electronics that can be very helpful to avoid overspending: sell your old appliance or investigate if there is any renovation plan.

Overlook extra components

When buying appliances, watch out for “extras” that you probably don't need. Typically, automatic timers on a coffee maker or special cycles on a washing machine can be a great convenience if you know how to use them, but they're not necessary. If you go through your appliances right now and take inventory, you'll find at least half a dozen items that you rarely use to their maximum capacity on special settings. Buy the most user-friendly, basic version of what you need to avoid complications down the road. Unless you have specific technical applications in mind for your appliance or if you like to read manuals and explore all the inner workings of each machine, it's best to keep it simple.

My Deals 365 brings you the discount catalogs of your favorite stores so you can renew your electronics without overspending this Cyber Monday. Keep in mind the tips so you don't compromise your budget.


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The best Cyber Monday deals on electronics

Black Friday Australia: what to expect

Black Friday is known as the fourth Friday in November, a day when businesses in Australia, both physical stores and online stores, offer deep discounts in order to attract new customers and deplete the stock of their businesses. Black Friday kicks off the Christmas shopping season and is one of the favorite dates for Australian retailers to carry out special actions to boost their brands and multiply their sales. Is it really worth waiting until these dates to buy? The answer is yes. What to expect this Black Friday? Here we will tell you. You can find discounts on everything from flights to small appliances, clothing and household products. The offer is very varied, and whatever you are looking for, you are sure to find it at this event.

Christmas gifts at the best price

Another reason to take advantage of the Black Friday sales is because it is the last big savings campaign before Christmas. So, if you want to buy gifts for these dates at the best price, you should take advantage of these discounts. In addition, since they aren’t seasonal sales, you will have a wide variety of products on offer and not with a seasonal or category bias. We recommend that you compare a lot in e-commerce to avoid high prices and also be attentive to marketplaces because they launch the so-called flash offers.

Make the most of the discounts

It is difficult to know for sure how long stores will keep the prices with sales applied. Although it is certain that in the previous days most stores and department stores will be publishing their intentions and their offers so that people can get into the game. It is true that the latest novelties do not usually receive too many discounts, although some stores offer exclusive offers that include some similar accessory. What is clear is that the most significant sales will be in electronics, so keep an eye on the stores in this sector.

Stores that adhere to Black Friday

Every year more and more stores are joining the Black Friday offers in Australia. It is no longer just a day of sales in technology and electronics, but also in clothing, sports equipment, books, music, movies, DIY, furniture and decoration, and even cars and more disparate sectors. Virtually all businesses will be on Black Friday in one way or another, not only department stores but also small and medium-sized businesses. This day of offers is always a good time to renew your technological products. So, it can be the best time of the year to change your cell phone, finally buy that big TV for your living room, or buy that robot vacuum cleaner you've been looking forward to. One last point to keep in mind: be sure to keep track of the evolution of the prices of the products you are interested in.

My Deals 365 brings you all the discount catalogs of your favorite stores in Australia. Take advantage of this Black Friday.


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Black Friday Australia: what to expect

Shop the best Cyber Monday deals and save hundreds

Events like Cyber Monday are ideal for buying Christmas gifts, but also those products you always wanted and didn't dare to buy so as not to overspend. It's not a matter of wasting money, although it doesn't hurt to treat yourself at the end of the year. Here, the best 10 Cyber Monday deals in Australia to save hundreds. Remember that this year's Cyber Monday is on November 27, the Monday following Black Friday.


You can find significant discounts on equipment of 43 inches or more. Define the space and adapt the TV according to your needs.


To buy a good mattress that guarantees your rest and takes care of the health of your back, it is important that its materials are of high quality. But don’t be fooled by advertising or phrases like “the best mattress for the whole family” or “the most advanced technology that will guarantee your rest”. Paying more for something doesn’t mean that it will do its job better, especially for something as personal as a mattress. Buy a good mattress at Forty Winks.


Take advantage of the discounts to revive your closet and have the latest in fashion at super low prices.


If you're a fan of perfume and you're running low, take advantage of the spectacular discounts that the stores always does for Cyber Monday.


It is a basic garment for any style and never goes out of fashion. Buying a classic pair of shoes, in black or white, will be ideal for our closet.

Decorative items

With Christmas fast approaching, Cyber Monday is the special event to shop for holiday decorations. If you're about to decorate your home and there's nothing left of your old decorations, take that step and dare to invest a few dollars at Pottery Barn.

Quilts and cushions

With the change of season, many Australians take the opportunity to buy white goods. Change your old quilts and cushions at Amart Furniture.

Camping equipment

If you are an outdoor enthusiast and love camping, take advantage of the discounts that the stores are preparing for the next Cyber Monday. You will find everything: tents, fishing rods, lamps, special footwear.


It isn’t the product that we find more variety during these sales, but some models can always be found with interesting offers. Normally, there are usually complete kits with accessories included. DSLR, EVIL and compact cameras are usually the stars.

Hardware items

There are basic hardware items that you can't miss in your home and that will allow you to get out of the way if something happens, for example, on a weekend. To note: drill, ladder, pliers, hammer, shovel, screwdriver, nails, screws or paint. At IKEA you will find the widest variety of products at the best price. Price that is improved with the Cyber Monday offers.

My Deals 365 brings you all the discount catalogs of your favorite stores. If you were waiting for a discount event to shop without overspending, join Cyber Monday.


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Shop the best Cyber Monday deals and save hundreds

Black Friday Australia: the ultimate guide to the best deals

Black Friday is famous in Australia and around the world for its tremendous sales on many items. Although stores leave the best deals for Black Friday, for some years now the big discounts can be enjoyed days in advance, both online and in physical stores. You can even see products guaranteed to match any lower price. Electronics, fashion or supermarket chains join this wave of offers and are always reliable places. But it is important to be attentive because there are products that are not recommended to buy on this date. Here is the ultimate guide to the best deals.


  • Electronic items:

Offers on these products are the flagship of Black Friday. However, the most sophisticated and expensive equipment such as televisions, cell phones or consoles don’t receive big discounts on this day. But don't be discouraged. You can still find discounts of 40 to 50% on other more popular technological products or those manufactured to be sold on this date.

  • Kitchen items:

Even though appliance purchases aren’t famous during Black Friday, the truth is that it is worth taking advantage of the sales. Discounts range from 40 to 50% on frying pan sets, coffee makers, blenders, knife sets, juicers and, in general, any other kitchen product.

  • Decoration items:

If you need to renovate or change any item in your home, Black Friday represents a great opportunity for discounts on wall paints, toilets, tools, bathroom decorations, and more. Take advantage of the possibility of saving up to 35%.

  • Groceries:

Major supermarket chains use Black Friday to discount groceries as well. You can take advantage of this event to stock up on food for Christmas, especially if the family gathering is at your house. Just fry the food and that's it.


  • Toys:

While it's easy to imagine that the distance from the holiday season benefits the price of toys, the truth is that it's traditionally better to wait until closer to the date. In recent years, some toys have been on sale for up to 50% off just a few days before Christmas. Of course, you also run the risk of a specific gift being sold out, so you better let Black Friday pass and monitor online stores for the toy.

  • Jewelry and watches:

Unless you have a wedding ring to offer or any other jewelry gift that can't wait, it's best to buy these items after Valentine's Day or Valentine's Day, when retailers need to create rebate incentives for their customers.

  • Bedding:

If you can wait until the “white sales” in January, you will have the opportunity to save 40-50% on this type of product. For more than a century, every January, retailers have followed the tradition of offering deep discounts on sheets, comforter sets, and even towels.

My Deals 365 brings you all the discount catalogs of your favorite stores in the country. Check them out and join the Black Friday event to buy what you want without overpaying. You won't regret it!


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Black Friday Australia: the ultimate guide to the best deals

Anaconda: Everything You Need for Your Next Adventure

Hey there! Are you ready for your next adventure? Then look no further because Anaconda has got you covered! Anaconda has got everything you need to make your trip unforgettable. From camping gear to outdoor clothing, they have got it all. So, let's dive in and explore what Anaconda has to offer for your next adventure!

Covered from top to bottom

When it comes to camping gear, Anaconda has got you covered from top to bottom. Whether you're an experienced camper or a newbie, Anaconda’s wide range of tents, sleeping bags, and camping accessories will ensure you have a comfortable night's sleep under the stars. Need a stove to cook up a tasty meal? They've got those too! Forget about the boring canned beans - with Anaconda’s camping cooking equipment, you can become a gourmet chef in the great outdoors.

Staying dry and comfortable

Anaconda also has a fabulous selection of outdoor clothing and footwear. Staying dry and comfortable is crucial when you're out in the elements, so they offer a variety of waterproof jackets, hiking boots, and other essentials. Prepare to conquer any terrain with Anaconda’s reliable gear that's built to withstand whatever Mother Nature throws at you.

Don't forget about the accessories! Anaconda has a wide range of backpacks, water bottles, and hiking poles to make your adventures even better. Need a comfortable backpack to carry all your gear? Looking for a water bottle that keeps your drink cold for hours? And those hiking poles? Look no further, Anaconda’s got you covered.

A community of adventure enthusiasts

But Anaconda is not just a store - it's a community of adventure enthusiasts. The staff is passionate about the outdoors and always ready to share their knowledge and advice. All the employees will help you choose the right gear for your needs and offer tips and tricks to make the most of your adventure. So, don't be afraid to ask for their help! They're all here to ensure you have the best experience possible.

And that's not all! Anaconda offers great prices and frequent sales, so you can snag some awesome gear without breaking your bank account. Everyone should have the opportunity to experience the wonders of the great outdoors, and that's why Anaconda strives to make their products affordable for all adventurers.

So, whether you're planning a camping trip, a hiking expedition, or a weekend getaway, Anaconda is your one-stop shop. With their extensive range of camping gear, outdoor clothing, and accessories, you'll be fully prepared for whatever adventure comes your way. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and explore the world with Anaconda by your side!

Remember, adventure awaits, and it's time for you to seize it. Anaconda: everything you need for your next adventure! Anaconda also offers amazing Black Friday deals and discounts to help you save money on everything you need. Unlock the best offers of the season and shop like an absolute bargain expert. Don’t forget to check all the discounts and sales on MyDeals365!


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Anaconda: Everything You Need for Your Next Adventure

How to repair a door: a guide from Doors Plus

A hole in a door can be the result of a small (or large) accident. But before you think about replacing it for good, take some time and learn how to repair it. It will only take a few minutes and you'll be saving a lot of money on top of it. How to repair a door? Here is a guide from Door Plus, a leading company in the market in Australia. It was created in 1989 and its first store was located in Punchbowl NSW. Over time, it began to expand and opened branches in Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra, Wollongong, Campbelltown and Sydney.

Step 1 Mix the repair putty: with the help of the cutter included in the package, cut a piece of the repair putty and knead until a uniform color is obtained.

Step 2 Clean the surface: to ensure better adhesion, clean the surface of the door with a cloth.

Step 3 Apply the product: fill and rebuild the affected area. Don’t worry if there is excess product on the surface, as you can sand it off afterwards. Remember that the product reaches its maximum strength after 24 hours.

Step 4 Sand it: sand off excess product to achieve a smooth surface. When dry, it becomes completely white.

Step 5 You're done: You know how to fix a hole in a door. Now find out what other quick repairs you can do in your home in less than 10 minutes.

How to restore a door

Also in a few simple steps, we will explain it to you. You don't need to be an expert. Just pay a little attention. 1: remove all the hardware from the door using a screwdriver to do a better job. 2: in the areas with recesses or decorations in the wood, use the sander to easily reach all the shapes in the wood. 3: clean the surface well and apply a protective treatment against insects and fungi and let it dry. 4: sand if necessary and apply a first coat of varnish, preferably matte, on the entire surface of the sheet. Apply at least two coats. 5: another option is to apply a wood protector that incorporates color. There are many possibilities. Apply with a small roller and brushes for curves and corners. The passage of time, the action of the sun or humidity cause wooden doors to deteriorate and lose their original appearance. Although the nobility and quality of the wood is present throughout the life of the door, it is true that it requires certain care.

When restoring old wooden doors, avoid doing it outdoors so that the wind or the sun does not affect the condition of the wood. Also use quality products that allow the wood to breathe and contribute to extend the life of your door.

My Deals 365 brings you all the discount catalogs from your favorite stores in Australia. If you are thinking of buying a nice door, remember that Door Plus has an extensive list.


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How to repair a door: a guide from Doors Plus

How to clean and care for your jewelry from Prouds The Jewellers

Jewelry always enhances our style, whether it's a beautiful bracelet, earrings or an extravagant pearl necklace. For every person there will be a suitable piece of jewelry. However, sometimes we neglect them a bit and they can suffer from the passage of time. How to clean and care for your jewelry? Prouds The Jewellers, Australia's century-old jewelry store and one of the most important stores in the country, gives you some tips for the good condition of a piece.

Follow these tips if you have silver jewelry:

  • Avoid touching the pieces with each other or with other objects that may scratch them (nails, coins, etc.).
  • Avoid contact of the jewelry with corrosive oxidizing agents such as acids, lyes, alkaline salts, colognes, etc.
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to sun or light sources. To clean the pieces, it is best to use lukewarm water with a little neutral PH soap and a 100% cotton cloth. Despite prevention, silver oxidizes in contact with air and this causes its tone to tend to blacken or turn yellow.

Follow these tips if you have gold jewelry:

  • Put the jewelry in a mixture of warm water and diluted soap.
  • Let it stand for a maximum of 15 minutes in the water.
  • If there is a lot of dirt, rub gently with a toothbrush, making circular movements.
  • Remove the remains with warm water and dry with a little paper or a soft cloth.

In most cases, gold jewelry is more than just a fashion statement. The wedding ring, the earrings your partner gave you for that anniversary or the pendant you saw in the shop window and with which someone special surprised you mean a lot. That's why it's important to take good care of them, keep them clean and away from untrustworthy hands. To make your gold accessories last a lifetime, you should avoid bathing with them at the beach and pool, as sand, sea salt and chlorine can damage them. For the same reason, remove your gold jewelry (especially white gold) when taking a shower or washing dishes with tap water, as the latter usually has a high concentration of chlorine. On the other hand, it is important to store your gold accessories in individual felt bags to prevent them from being touched and scratched, especially when they have stones. However, if your jewelry is already scratched, take it to your nearest Prouds The Jewellers store to have it polished.

Another fact? The jewels that darken the most over time are yellow and rose gold earrings.

This happens due to daily friction with the skin, sweat, perfumes, makeup and other cosmetic products. To solve it there is nothing like onion juice. Cut an onion in half and rub it on the jewelry. If they are very dark, soak them in the onion juice for two hours. Then rinse them with water and dry them with a soft cloth.

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How to clean and care for your jewelry from Prouds The Jewellers

Why immigration and border security matters to Australia

Australia stands out for its excellent indicators of access to education, high life expectancy and low crime rates. This is a clear indicator of its high levels of quality of life and socioeconomic well-being.

This country has also been ranked as the second happiest country in the world for its excellent indicators of general well-being, second only to Norway.

Australia's potential also includes an active economy that is at its strongest. In terms of international trade, it is oriented towards the manufacture of high-value products and services. It has a skilled workforce, the socio-political support of democratic institutions, social harmony and a way of life that sets an example to the world.

Reception of immigrants

The Australian government invests significant resources in the reception of immigrants.

State immigrant support services include vocational training, English language training, specialized job search advice and guidance, and many social programs to assist newcomers.

Since its founding, Australia has been a nation of immigrants. This has led the country to become a tolerant and multicultural society, with an absolute rejection of racial discrimination.

The number of immigrants of Hispanic origin is growing. There are numerous communities of Latin Americans and Hispanics, well organized and established in the main cities of the country. It follows that immigration and border security are important to this country, which has also fought for the rights of the LGBTQ+ community.

Australia raises immigration cap

Australia raised its cap on permanent skilled immigrants to 195,000 during 2022, in order to address a shortage of workers in key sectors for the oceanic country's economy.

The lack of immigrants, who work in sectors such as hospitality or healthcare, fruit picking in rural areas or elderly care, has created a severe shortage of workers and has impacted the population growth of Australia, where one of the growing problems is the aging of the population.

Australia, with a 3.4 percent unemployment rate (the lowest rate in nearly half a century) used to receive about 190,000 permanent immigrants in the past decade, but reduced the figure to about 160,000 before the pandemic because of problems in major cities such as Sydney and Melbourne in accessing services and housing.

Australia prioritizes the border

Seven of the largest GHG emitters (the United States, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, Canada, France and Australia) collectively spent at least twice as much on border and immigration controls (over $33.1 billion) as on climate finance ($14.4 billion) between 2013 and 2018.

The border security industry is already benefiting from increased spending on border control and immigration, and expects to gain even more from the predicted instability of climate change.

Thanks to My Deals 365 you can learn about the border, economic, climate or human rights reality of a country like Australia. It has a rich history of struggles and social conquests and today it is conceived as a first world country. In Australia, border care is very important and there is a very specific migration program.


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Why immigration and border security matters to Australia

The promotion of LGBTQ+ inclusion in Australia

Life in Australia can be summed up in three words: tolerance, inclusion and lots of fun. The community in this country is very open and friendly to new foreign students, migrants, tourists and LGBT+ residents.

The latest census conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics showed that at least 47,000 same-sex couples live in Australia. In addition, 1 in 25 Australians identify as gay, lesbian or bisexual.

There are many reasons why Australia is considered one of the best gay destinations in the world. Here we tell you the most important ones.

LGBT+ rights

The Australian LGBT+ community's fight for equality rights has been progressively evolving. Despite being a first world country with a significant LGBT+ population, equality rights have been hard won.

This was achieved through pressure long imposed on Australian state governments and legislators. Today, the rights are protected by the Sexual Discrimination Act, which establishes the illegality of any act that less any right by reason of a sexual orientation.

The most important rights of the LGBT community are:

  • Gay marriage or civil union: this is one of the last acquired rights (2017), it was fought and waited for many decades. Now it is possible the marriage of two people of the same sex.

  • Apply for a partner visa: Australian citizens and permanent residents have the right to sponsor their same-sex partners.

  • Applying to Australia's migration programs: any LGBT+ person can apply to the Australian government's skilled migration programs, including attaching their same-sex partner.

  • Gender reassignment: allows anyone to change their gender without the need for surgery.

  • Adoption: since 2018 the Australian government allows same-sex couples to be able to adopt children within the legal framework that regulates this process. It varies depending on the state.

  • Housing: since 2013, same-sex couples have the right to be able to purchase a home. In addition, they have access to public social programs for credit acquisition.

  • Being part of any national defense corps: since 1992, any openly LGBT+ person has the right to be part of any national defense corps such as military, navy, air force, police, etc.

  • Enjoyment of social programs: since 2009, the inclusion of same-sex couples in retirement plans, social security, health, inheritance, taxes, veterans' benefits, etc. has been approved.

  • Right to asylum based on sexual orientation: the LGBT+ community can apply for asylum in Australia in case of imminent danger to their integrity in their country of origin.

  • Parties or events: since 1994, it has been legal throughout Australia to hold any type of activity with homosexual orientation or promotion.

Prohibited acts

  • In all states except Victoria, former conversion therapies that seek to cure gay orientation are banned.

  • It is forbidden to ask about an individual's sexual orientation in a job interview.

  • Cases of homophobia in Australia can be taken to court.

My Deals 365 brings you closer to learning more about Australian culture and the rights of the LGBTQ+ community. It is one of the most inclusive countries in the world. A country to imitate.


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The promotion of LGBTQ+ inclusion in Australia

How to dress for summer in Australia

Fashion renews and recycles itself. We are always on the lookout for new trends and run to the stores every time there is something we like. We have to banish the myth that to dress well you have to spend a lot of money. In Australia there are a lot of fashion stores that sell the best clothes at affordable prices. It's a win-win situation. You win by saving money and you win in product quality. Nostalgia for some and experimentation for others. That's what fashion is all about. How to dress for summer in Australia? Buy these garments at a truly exceptional price. It's time to experiment with fresh, light and fashionable clothing

Oversize t-shirts

Oversize t-shirts are no longer exclusive to skaters and bikers. Many famous singers and actresses upload photos to their networks with this type of garments. They are a “must have” for the summer season. What are they about? T-shirts, blouses and even pants several sizes bigger than you normally wear. At Factorie you can find oversize shirts for $35,90.

Cargo pants

You think you don't need them until you see cargo pants in a shop window. They are the latest fashion trend and can be perfectly combined with an oversize t-shirt. Cargo pants have a very particular design: they are loose and have many large and square pockets that protrude from the garment. They used to be worn only by men, but now women are encouraged to wear them. At Birdsnest there are beautiful cargo pants for $87. Run to buy a pair for yourself.

Mini skirts

If there's something classic about the '90s, it's the pink mini skirts. They were the dream of every teenage girl and they came back this 2023 with even more strength. They were the cliché of every Hollywood movie and singers like Britney Spears immortalized them. The ideal accessory? A black top so that the eyes focus on the skirt.

Transparent dresses

Transparencies are back in trend in all kinds of garments, especially in dresses. If you are not shy, you can take this option when you have an important outing. Knowing how to combine this dress with good shoes and a handbag will make you really shine. Uniqlo has sheer knit mini dresses for $139. What's the secret? Choose underwear that complements and softens the dress.

Jeans with pearls

Jeans are a classic of all seasons. Even more now if we complement it with pearls to give it a little glamor. If you don't like to wear dresses, pearl jeans are the option for a gala party. Combining it with a simple jacket will be the key. At Gap you will find a wide variety of jeans in all price ranges. The cheapest ones are $105. A brand of excellence in denim.

My Deals 365 brings you all the discount catalogs of your favorite fashion stores in Australia. If you want to dress for summer without spending too much money, you came to the right place.


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How to dress for summer in Australia

The best laptops for australian students in 2023

Among the best laptops for students you will find many that for an affordable price can do the same as computers that cost thousands of dollars. Always ask yourself: what do I really need? What features are priorities and which ones? In this guide to the best value for money laptops you will see computers that come with what you need and won't leave your budget in the red. In Australian stores like The Good Guys, JB HI-FI and Officeworks you will find the best laptops for students in 2023 and at the best price.

Dell XPS 13 (9315)

It's for anyone who wants a premium laptop for not a lot of money. The Dell XPS 13 9315 costs 1.402 dollars for its entry-level model, so it's at the upper end of the budget range. But it's on this list because you simply won't find a Windows laptop for less than 1.500 dollars that can match it. You get a 9-watt Intel Core i5-1230U CPU with 10 cores and 12 threads that delivers competent productivity performance. It's not the fastest laptop on the market, but it's fast enough to get your work done. However, since it comes with fewer watts, it offers excellent battery life. You even get a 512GB SSD.

Lenovo Chromebook Duet 3

Chromebooks have become popular and affordable options in recent years. The Lenovo Chromebook Duet is not only a useful tablet, but it represents a great value thanks to the included stand cover and detachable keyboard. The low price of the Lenovo Chromebook Duet 3 brings some limitations and basic specs. Its Qualcomm Snapdragon 7c Gen 2 processor, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage don't provide stellar performance, though it's good enough for the kinds of tasks you'll want to run on it. The display is very nice, with a 15:9 2K (2000 x 1200) resolution. If you want a tablet for web browsing, light productivity work, and media consumption, the Chromebook Duet 3 is what you've been looking for. It's very comfortably sized as a tablet, although it's a bit chunky with the kickstand cover and backlit keyboard cover attached. Not only is it the best budget Chromebook, it's one of the best budget laptops you can buy.

Surface Laptop Go 2

Microsoft's new Surface Laptop Go meets all the criteria. It is the first Surface device to be offered at budget prices, at 920 dollars, for a 10th generation Ice Lake Core i5 processor, 4 GB of RAM and a 64 GB PCIe solid state drive (SSD). You can spend a little more, 1.100 dollars, and double the RAM and storage. The Surface Go is a fully portable device, with a 12.4-inch IPS display that, while not FHD resolution, is still very high quality and a pleasure to use. It's solid for both productivity and media.

My Deals 365 brings you the best discount catalogs from your favorite electronic stores in Australia to buy a computer without breaking the bank.


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The best laptops for australian students in 2023

The Good Guys deals: How and when to get them?

If you're thinking about buying a new cell phone or computer, the right place is The Good Guys. With more than 60 years in the Australian market, it has made a name for itself and is one of the most visited stores by locals. Although there are those who prefer JB Hi-Fi or Betta.

The Good Guys offers a wide range of products: televisions, refrigerators and freezers, dishwashers, small kitchen appliances, washing machines, game consoles, computers, tablets, cell phones, vacuum cleaners and cleaners, headphones and digital cameras, among many others. Customers can find multiple international brands such as Samsung, Telstra, Fisher & Paykel, Westinghouse, Bosch, Dyson, LG, Breville, Apple, Hisense, Miele, Kinsman Kitchens, KitchenAid, Weber, Electrolux or Google. Of course there are many ways to save money with The Good Guys. The company has hundreds of great deals available each week for you. Clearance sales give you great savings and allow customers to get everything they need. How and when to get the best deals?

Take advantage of promotional events

Events like Cyber Monday or Black Friday are ideal to get the products we are looking for at a more than convenient price. If possible try to save some money for these dates because The Good Guys offers very good promotions. You will find items with up to 70% off. It will be a matter of being attentive when the promotions are published. They are usually for specific products, but we will be able to see the entire catalog with discounts offered by the store for these dates. This is a worldwide event to promote online shopping and increase the importance of e-commerce. It is organized every year and during it the participating brands launch all kinds of benefits and discounts. Another point to take into account is that companies offer less financing in installments for the most expensive products, although they are still priced below their original market value.

Christmas and New Year's shopping

Christmas and New Year's are two crucial dates. Most businesses take advantage of this season to liquidate some of their stock and also to have big sales. This is the case of The Good Guys. If you want to give technology as a gift, you've come to the perfect store. The sales are 40 or 50% and you can even get two products paying half price for the second one. Sales strategies are at the service of one of the months with the highest turnover. Even though the heat is overwhelming, people go out to shop or take their time to check out the online offers. As the competition is very tough in the sector, The Good Guys is concerned that the prices are competitive and that the buyer is satisfied after having chosen them. You can also take advantage of the very low prices they offer weekly if you don't want to wait almost a year.

My Deals 365 brings you all the discount catalogs from your favorite Australian electronics stores. No need to leave your home to find the best prices on the market.


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The Good Guys deals: How and when to get them?

Supermarket hacks: How to find hidden bargains and quality products

The supermarket takes a big chunk of our budget. We can't stop going because we have to keep eating, dressing and cleaning, but there are some tricks that will allow us to find hidden bargains and quality products. It isn't necessary to be an expert on the subject, but it is essential that from now on you start paying attention to these tips. They will help you spend as little as possible at the supermarket and have money left over for a personal treat. In Australia's big stores such as Aldi, Cellarbrations, Foodworks, IGA and Woolworths you will find a wide variety of bargains if you know how to look for them. Keeping a brochure handy or continually checking their website will be a good start.

Telegram channels

The more impatient can join a Telegram channel that specializes in deals. These broadcast lists allow a user to offer information to all its members quickly. It is a perfect format to receive breaking news, but also sales. The key to these channels is that there are many product promotions that, due to their reduced price, sell out in a short time. That is why it is essential to keep an eye on them. Telegram is not just for communicating with your friends. Although it was born with that purpose, it has become a great place to share all kinds of things between people with similar tastes. In fact, one of the main advantages of belonging to these channels is the participation among members of the community.

Browser extensions

These browser enhancements offer a multitude of interesting features for bargain hunters. So that we can save whenever we shop online, we are going to look at different extensions that can help us to buy cheaper without having to compare prices by hand. We find add-ons for two of the most popular online stores, at least in Australia, such as Amazon and eBay. There are also extensions that offer price comparison services so that we can always choose the cheapest option. They will search for valid discount codes to save more, and others even offer a cashback service, which will allow us to get a refund on our purchases.

Stock up on sale items

You can save a lot of money by stocking up on grocery items that are on sale. The important thing is that the foods are not perishable or can be frozen, such as bread and meat. This way you won't need to go to the supermarket as often. The goal is to have several places to buy your groceries and to be aware of the different offers. It is very important not to fall into the trap of perishable products or products that we use infrequently. If it is an offer that has to do with a non-perishable item, that we can easily store and that takes a long time to expire, then we should take advantage of it.

My Deals 365 brings you all of Australia's supermarket bargain catalogs. Become an expert saver. Find hidden bargains and quality products.


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Supermarket hacks: How to find hidden bargains and quality products

The budget shopper’s guide to saving money on furniture

The kitchen is the heart of the home, but time flies and we must update it. Whether with or without renovations, there are some tips that will help you to make this part of the house always look immaculate and in line with the times. Another of the most important points when renovating the house is the bathroom. Incorporating a jacuzzi is a good option or updating the bathtub. You don't need to spend a lot of money to remodel your home. In Australia there are a lot of big chains such as Fantastic Furniture, IKEA, Pottery Barn, Sheridan and Domayne where you can find everything you need without overspending. Here's a budget buyer's guide to save money on furniture.

Buy returned furniture

It isn't the same to see the item in the showcase as it is to see it in your home. Many buyers get cold feet and return it. The bad thing for the stores is that, on many occasions, they no longer sell them at the same price as before, so you should ask where the returned furniture is and confirm if they have any kind of discount. It is a good alternative to have a new product in your house, but without having spent thousands of dollars. Although we may be embarrassed, this option is used by many Australians to remodel their homes.

Use coupons

Australia is a country where coupons are very popular for shopping, and of course you can't miss the coupons for furniture stores. You can redeem coupons in physical stores specializing in decoration and also online. Even if you have recently bought a house, real estate agents can offer you some coupons to help you organize your home. Using discount coupons is really an advantage, especially if you have to buy large and expensive furniture such as armchairs or sommiers.

Take advantage of online bargains and offers

Remember the days when you had to look in newspaper classified ads? Luckily now we have the internet and it is extremely useful to help us look for bargains. Try searching for products in areas near you and remember to factor in logistics costs. If you can, make sure you see the furniture in person before you buy it. You'll avoid unwanted surprises. Virtual shopping gives us the possibility to have the prices of many furniture stores and choose the best price that suits our budget.

Buy used furniture

One feasible option is to buy used furniture. When comparing the cost of new versus used furniture, don't forget to include the cost of dismantling, transporting and assembling the furniture. Even taking these expenses into account, you can still save a lot of money. Many times people who sell furniture do so because they are moving and no longer want it. You are making them a favor by taking what they don't want and you can negotiate an even lower price.

My Deals 365 brings you all the bargain catalogs from your favorite furniture stores in Australia. Take advantage of the offers and renovate your home with little money.


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The budget shopper’s guide to saving money on furniture

How to cut your supermarket bill in half

Saving at the supermarket seems like mission impossible, but we have good news for you: it's not. If you need to cut your supermarket bill in half and you have no idea how to do it because everything is so tempting, these tips can help you. Try to look for more competitive prices in big Australian chains like Aldi, 7 Eleven, IGA, Foodland and Foodworks, products that are more profitable in the long run and, and avoid impulse purchases that lead to adding more to the cart than you need.

Make a shopping list

Whether or not you have a very good memory, write a list of the items you have to buy. This way you will not only make sure you don't forget anything, but you will also avoid buying unnecessary things. Go through your kitchen pantry and think about the menus you are going to prepare during the week in order to know exactly what you need. It is a very simple tip that can help you save money at the supermarket. It's tedious to schedule food for the whole week, but it will have its monetary rewards.

Stay away from the inner aisles

Supermarkets are strategically designed so that essential groceries such as dairy or meats are located at the ends to force customers to wander the inner aisles and buy products they don't need. Try to avoid the inner aisles and stick to carrying the products you really need.

Don't be afraid of discount coupons

Discount coupons can help you save huge amounts of money. Look for them on the websites of the supermarkets where you usually shop and be aware of the offers they have at any given moment. Here we suggest some supermarkets that are known for their low prices and the constant publication of exclusive offers and benefits for their customers. Aldi, 7 Eleven, IGA, Foodland and Foodworks are the best options in Austria if you want to conserve your budget.

Don't be fooled by brands

You may be used to always buying the same cereals, but private labels are usually cheaper. They generally use products from other companies with their own label and offer them at a cheaper price. Keep an eye on the ingredients to make sure you are buying the same product.

Try not to shop with children

Although sometimes there is no choice, it is preferable to do the shopping without the children around, as they often ask you to buy them products that they don't need and it isn't always easy to say no. Although you can make a shopping list that reflects any treat you want to give yourself or your children. This way you will avoid getting too carried away by cravings and end up spontaneously buying unnecessary things.

My Deals 365 has the latest discount catalogs of your favorite brands. Find the best and most varied range of products from Austrialian’s supermarkets in one place. Go to the stores and take advantage of the deals and discounts they offer.


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How to cut your supermarket bill in half

Cheap hiking gear every Australian should own

It doesn't matter if you are a professional or an amateur. If you are going hiking, you have to carry some items that are essential to ensure your health and safety. A map, compass or GPS are a must, but there are also other accessories you should own. Visiting national parks and exploring local ecosystems is one of the favorite pastimes of Australians. There is nothing better than nature to get away from work stress and recharge your batteries. In Australia there are many stores that sell camping equipment at very good prices. You can visit them or just browse their website if you don't have much time. Here is a list of camping gear that every hiker needs.


The tent has to be number one on your list. It is the main item if we are going camping and it becomes our biggest shelter in case of emergency or bad weather. There are different types of tents and the choice will depend on the number of people coming. You can opt for a large tent for all the hikers to sleep in or split up and take more than one tent. At Decathlon you'll find tents for four, six and eight people, with prices ranging from $118 to $313. They are rain and snow resistant and incorporate hidden pockets for better storage.

Flashlight or lantern

Light will be indispensable during the night and even more so in forests as thick as those in Australia. It will allow you to control everything around you and you will be able to sleep peacefully and safely, without fear of being attacked by an animal. There are some aspects that you should take into account: that it has a bright light, that it resists knocks and falls and that it has long-lasting batteries. At Intersport you can find combos of three flashlights for $41. There are some more sophisticated flashlights that go for as much as $78.

Travel backpack

When you go hiking you carry a lot of luggage and a suitcase is useless. We must buy a hiking backpack that suits our activity and allows us to carry everything in the same bag. At Sportspower there are backpacks for $172. These backpacks have a total volume capacity of 18 liters and many zippered compartments to carry everything you need. They are ideal for a three-day hike.

GPS Watch

Gone are the days of the map and compass, and many hikers prefer to carry a GPS sports watch. It is a very important device to know where we are and not have any inconvenience when we are on our way back. At Nike and Sports & Recreation there are a variety of GPS watches ranging from $157 to $631. The variation in price depends on the features incorporated in each device.

My Deals 365 brings you all the discount catalogs of your favorite brands to make camping an enjoyable and inexpensive experience. Don't stay in the comfort of your home and start exploring nature alone or in company. Enjoy life!


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Cheap hiking gear every Australian should own

5 cheap beer brands you need to try this year

Summer is the perfect time to be on the beach sipping a cool beer and enjoying life's little pleasures. It's only a few days until the favorite season of the year for almost all Australians is over and you still have time to get out of your suit, get in the sea and uncork a beer. Supermarkets sell lots of beer brands and sometimes it's hard to choose which one to buy. We usually grab cans or bottles of the most popular commercial brands worldwide, but they are not always the best in terms of taste. Here we propose a list of cheap beer brands that you need to try this year. They are good options if you don't have much money in your pocket.

Sale & Anchor golden beer

Sale & Anchor golden beer 345 ml costs at Dan Murphy's liquor store $3.99. If you get the four-pack of bottles, you pay a total of $13.99. According to the product description, this beer is the result of a careful blending of pale roasted and darker roasted malts to provide a soft golden color and a light roasted barley flavor. If you're not a big beer drinker, you can start with Sale & Anchor to experiment.

A&W Beer

Another option you can find at IGA Liquor is A&W beer. The beer can costs $2.50. It's a reasonable price if you're just experimenting with this drink and don't want to spend all your money on another brand. It's really like you're playing with drinking beer, as it's a non-alcoholic carbonated soft drink commonly called “root beer”. It mixes extracts of vanilla, licorice, nutmeg and other aromatic herbs. It has a very pleasant taste and it seems as if you were drinking real beer.

Tinnies Beer

There are countless brands and choices of beers, but in this limited selection we also include Tinnies low-alcohol beer. You can find it at Liquorland and get a six-pack of 375 ml cans for $9. Australia's Tinnies Ultra Low Alcohol Hoppy Ale has just been awarded the trophy for best non-alcoholic beer and tops the ranking of Australians' favorite beverages. A bonus: always take a Corona with you if you're a fan of alcohol beer.

Karlsquell 1516 beer

Supermarket competition for beer is becoming increasingly fierce. Since 2003 in Aldi you can find Karlsquell 1516 beer, which is characterized by a good product and is priced well below other conventional beer brands. How much? You can get a can for $5. It is a beer that enjoys great popularity among brewers and is liked for its smooth taste.

Amstel Lager Beer

This is a more commercially branded beer, but one that is a firm favorite with the Australian public. Amstel is always welcome for its superior quality and is brewed with pure malt. How much? The can costs $1.91.

My Deals 365 brings you all the bargain catalogs from your favorite beverage stores in Australia. If you want to party with friends and buy a good beer, check out all the promotions we have for you.


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5 cheap beer brands you need to try this year

The Good Guys vs JB HI-FI. Which one offers the best discounts?

The range of appliance stores in Australia is very wide. But there are two chains that stand out above the rest because of their variety of products, promotions and their popularity among the local public: The Good Guys and JB HI-FI. They have a very large catalog of items, good prices and really tempting seasonal sales. Although each shopper will choose a specific chain based on taste or loyalty, which of the two stores offers the best discounts? It is very important to be attentive to the daily and monthly publications in order not to miss any opportunity and to compare prices. After the Christmas holidays, which generated a lot of spending for Australians, being aware of the promotions and offers that these two large chains have is not a minor issue. Easing your pocket will be essential to reach the end of the month without debt and with some margin of money to invest in some electronics or household products.

The Good Guys

The Good Guys offers a wide range of products such as televisions, refrigerators and freezers, dishwashers, barbecues, small kitchen appliances, washing machines, game consoles, computers, tablets, cell phones, vacuum cleaners and cleaners, headphones and digital cameras, and much more. There are many ways to save money at The Good Guys. This chain has hundreds of great deals available every week, which you can check out through their website or by subscribing to their newsletter. Clearance sales will allow you to save big and get everything you need for little money. In The Good Guys digital store as well as in their physical stores you can take advantage of great deals on appliances, and some even come with a bonus of an extra product for the purchase.


JB Hi-Fi specializes in consumer electronics, including large and small appliances. You can find different products such as laptops, PCs, tablets, computer software, TVs, cables and accessories, headphones, speakers, cell phones, DVDs, cameras, drones, appliances, among other items. You can find many ways to save money with JB Hi-Fi. Check out the deals section of their website for the latest promotions and benefits. JB Hi-Fi offers exclusive weekly and monthly deals to its customers. The company promises the lowest prices, so if you have seen cheaper prices at other stores, simply contact their team and request a JB Hi-Fi offer with a simple phone call. There are many opportunities before you to save as much as possible on electronics and small and large appliances. It will be a matter of checking The Good Guys and JB HI-FI offers and choosing one of these two big chains with physical presence in Australia.

My Deals 365 brings you all the discount catalogs of the major chains in Australia. Take the opportunity to browse through each one of them and look for the best deals. If you start controlling your spending, you will be able to balance your finances better. Don't miss this opportunity and save as much as you can.


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The Good Guys vs JB HI-FI. Which one offers the best discounts?

Department store fashion deals. Are they really worth it?

One of the things that drive Australians crazy is buying clothes on sale in department stores. Finding an outlet and making sure it has all the brands and our favorite clothes is a must so we don't have to go to countless stores. Discounts and offers are a good strategy to attract customers, build customer loyalty and keep products or services in continuous rotation. There are different types of discounts that will work best in certain situations, so analyzing each one in detail will allow you to choose the best discount without incurring extra expenses. At stores like Costco, Target, Big W, Cotton On and UNIQLO, you'll find fashion deals that really pay off. When a new customer visits their websites, they ask for an email to send them a discount coupon. Not only are they adding value to the online experience, but they will also have one more contact for your email marketing strategy. Here are a number of strategies used by these five major retailers that will be ideal for you to buy at a promotional price.

Seasonal discounts

When it comes to a retail business, this strategy is ideal for inventory turnover and makes room for the new collection. It is practically a classic strategy, so much so that there are people who are experts in hunting for this type of discounts and take advantage of them to stock up in a big way. It is a fundamental pillar to buy everything you need if you are thinking of renewing your closet. Always keep in mind the previous prices so that it is a real discount. Sometimes a clearance sale is the gateway to new products.

Discounts for repeat customers

A discount also helps to build loyalty with repeat customers, and there are a number of different tactics for doing this. From a card that registers purchases and with the accumulation of a certain number gives a significant discount to a simple recognition such as a 10% discount on all clothing purchases. There are many advantages to consider this type of discount, as it strengthens the connection and as a customer you will feel really appreciated by the business.

Discounts for special dates

Here we refer to those discounts promoted by these big five stores, either regionally or internationally, and that become an event in which many brands participate: Hot Sale, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Mother's Day or Christmas. These are essential dates to visit Costco, Target, Big W, Cotton On and UNIQLO stores because their offers are really impressive. The variety of clothing is great and you can take advantage of it to dress yourself and your family from head to toe. You will realize how much you will save and you will want to come back every time the season renews.

My Deals 365 brings you all the discount catalogs from your favorite clothing stores in Australia. If you are thinking of renewing your closet, don't wait any longer and take advantage of all the opportunities they offer.


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Department store fashion deals. Are they really worth it?

How to save big on small home appliances

Appliances account for more than 50% of household energy costs. Using them wisely will help you reduce the value of your next energy bill. But at this point we must differentiate between savings when buying appliances and savings when using them. The first step is to choose well which washing machine, dishwasher, microwave or television you want without compromising your salary. Here we will emphasize and point out some tricks to save big on small appliances.

Compare prices in store and online

The same appliance may have a different price in each store. It's easy to think that the difference will be a few dollars, but it can go beyond that if there are special offers involved. That's why it's important to compare prices in different physical stores in Australia and also in their online version. In chains such as The Good Guys, JB HI-FI, Bing Lee and Godfreys you can find the best prices if you want to renew your home appliances or simply take the plunge and risk making that purchase you have been putting off. You will see that the stores have similar models but with small variations in price or features. The best way to prepare yourself before buying any electronic appliance is to compare prices, first online and then in the store.

Consider private labels and second brands

To save when buying your appliances you need to look beyond the traditional brands. In the market you will find private labels and second brands. Private label brands are those sold by big chains as their own lines. And second brands are additional brands from well-known manufacturers. Don't be persuaded by offers Burrs are always positive, although it is advisable to analyze them first. Why buy a bigger refrigerator if you are not going to fill it? Even if it costs the same as a smaller one, you will spend more energy and possibly more on the purchase. There are two other alternatives to save on the purchase of small appliances that can be very helpful to avoid overspending: sell your old appliance or investigate if there is any renovation plan in force.

Overlook extra components

When buying appliances, watch out for “extras” that you probably don't need. Typically, automatic timers on a coffee maker or special cycles on a washing machine can be a great convenience if you know how to use them, but they're not necessary. If you go through your appliances right now and take inventory, you'll find at least half a dozen items that you rarely use to their maximum capacity on special settings. Buy the most user-friendly, basic version of what you need to avoid complications down the road. Unless you have specific technical applications in mind for your appliance or if you like to read manuals and explore all the inner workings of each machine, it's best to keep it simple.

My Deals 365 brings you the discount catalogs of your favorite stores so you can renew your appliances without overspending. Keep in mind the tips we've outlined so you don't compromise your budget.


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How to save big on small home appliances

Renovating your Kitchen? Here are 3 stores you need to visit

The kitchen is the heart of the home, but time flies and we need to update it. Whether with or without renovations, there are some tips that will help you to keep this part of the house looking immaculate and in tune with the times. Surrender to a white kitchen: furniture, countertop and walls in one hundred percent white. It transmits brightness and order and perfectly supports the passage of time, regardless of fashions and trends. It is a sure hit. To illuminate the kitchen chose discreet spotlights recessed in the ceiling and lighting solutions integrated into the wall units. Another of the most important points when renovating the kitchen is the material of manufacture of all the parts seen, as this will depend on the final appearance and also its price. Laminate kitchens are among the most demanded for its good value for money and its wide range of different models. You don't need to spend a lot of money to renovate your kitchen. In Australia there are big chains where you can find everything you need for a remodeling without overspending.

Harvey Norman

Unless you're doing a complete kitchen remodel, you won't need to replace all the appliances. If money is an issue, just replace non-functioning or outdated appliances. If that's your plan, at Harvey Norman you can find everything in one place: freezers, dishwashers, range hoods, ovens, coffee machines, mixers, toasters, deep fryers and even dinnerware, table linens and utensils such as plates, glasses and silverware. Harvey Norman stores sell a variety of private label brands such as Harvey Norman, Domayne and Joyce Mayne. They also market other trusted brands.

Bunnings Warehouse

At Bunnings Warehouse the experience is complete. You can take the opportunity to change the appliances, but also to choose the kitchen model you like the most. There is a large catalog with different models that serve as inspiration: luxury kitchen, rustic kitchen, classic kitchen, industrial elegance kitchen. In any of the Bunnings Warehouse stores you will find the lowest price. In addition, because of their company policy, if the competition has an item with a bigger discount, they will beat it by 10% to help you save more money than shopping elsewhere. By subscribing to their newsletter you will be the first to know about the latest products, DIY projects and ideas. Plus, Bunnings Workshop is an online community where you can get answers to your kitchen remodeling questions.


IKEA is another great chain where you can stock up on everything. If you're thinking of renovating your kitchen, you've come to the right place. Furniture, textures, decoration, lights and appliances are offered in its extensive catalog, both in its physical stores and in its digital sales channel. Just know: set a limit on how much to spend. Replacing a fixture may only cost a few hundred dollars, while replacing furniture, flooring and lighting fixtures could involve a hefty budget.

My Deals 365 brings you all the discount catalogs from your favorite stores. If you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen, don't think twice and browse through the deals.


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Renovating your Kitchen? Here are 3 stores you need to visit

The best fashion trends for 2023

2023 will be a year of reinvention. At the center of the scene will be the transparencies that will continue to be present in dresses and blouses of different lengths and cuts, hip jeans and mini garments. If you are thinking of updating your closet, the options are many and it all depends on your style. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, it could be said that almost anything goes in fashion and clothes are being given a second chance. In Australia in stores like Rivers, Cotton-On, Uniqlo and Birdsnest you can find the best trends for the coming year. Here we tell you what are the fashion trends for 2023.

Pants with transparencies

It is one of the trend garments for Spring-Summer 2023. Undoubtedly, this garment will be a replacement for the most revealing dresses, unlike cargo pants that will dominate the best street style looks. To go to the office, it will be necessary to opt for hip pants. A warmer version will come in pastel colors, perfect for the eternal summer days. The most daring will wear the cut-out version.

Glitter and sequins

The glitter of sequins will be the main desire of those who seek to achieve maximum glamour when wearing one of the dress designs in trend for Spring-Summer 2023. However, grunge will land in our closets to bring back the rebelliousness that dominated in the '90s with dresses with a torn effect. Women who embrace boldness will go for black leather-effect dresses and cut-out designs.

Baggy jeans

Whether you go for totally baggy silhouettes or create a balance between baggy pants and tighter tops, these pieces will continue to be a must-have for fashionistas closets. Although we love jeans and pants at the waist, as they are flattering to the silhouette, hip pants have been making a comeback for a few seasons now and will be a must-have piece for your best street style looks.


They are already gaining prominence and will be a characteristic outfit of the next season. Short t-shirts, bodysuits, tiny tops, muscle tops. Gone are the days when there are clothes only for slim bodies: we are all included in the new trends. Bright, explosive, lingerie, with daring shapes, with beautiful prints, openwork knitted, with bangs. There are literally endless possibilities and everything is ideal. They are ideal to combine with your wide jeans this summer or with a mini skirt.

The shoulder pads

From the ‘30s to the ‘80s, historically shoulder pads in the female closet stylistically reinforced the image of women, including their massive incorporation into the body of work. In 2021 this traditional detail of men's tailoring returned, and for this Spring-Summer 2023 it becomes an armor that can derive in the eighties and multicolored tailored suit. There is no shortage of combinations between transparent skirts and cotton garments with shoulder pads.

My Deals 365 brings you all the discount catalogs of your favorite fashion stores in Australia. Take the opportunity and set the trend this summer.


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The best fashion trends for 2023

Big W vs Costco. Which store offers the best deals?

Grocery shopping takes up most of our budget, but we can't avoid it. You have to eat, clean up, get dressed. But you can find great deals to ease your wallet and not suffer so much at the end of the month. In Australia, chains like Big W and Costco are known for having a very good quality-price ratio, and you can also find the most tempting offers. There is something for everyone. But don't be fooled. Buy only what you need and don't waste money on promotional products that you won't use later. Which of the two chains offers the best deals? Below we will make a comparison and then you will choose based on your personal and home needs.


If we take as a reference this December and with Christmas already upon us, Big W has special promotions on toys at half price of the best brands: Lego, Disney, Marvel. You will be able to look good with all the children in the family without spending too much. For those with a sweet tooth and who like to spend the holidays eating chocolates despite the heat, you can also get half-price boxes of chocolates from Ferrero Rocher, Raffaello or Toblerone. This is also a good option for gift giving. If you are thinking of gathering family and friends at your home for this special date, you can opt for a dinner out. Don't have the right furniture? No problem. At Big W you can find outdoor furniture with up to 20% off. It's a promotion not to be missed and it's only valid for Christmas. There are products that you can only get online such as certain drinks, which could liven up the party on the 24th night.


This is a true giant among international hypermarket chains and stands out for its particular operation based on a system of members who pay a fee to buy their products. In Costco you can also find great deals on toys and is ideal if you have to go wholesale shopping for Christmas. Here you will find a wide assortment of all kinds of products, including meats. You can save hundreds of dollars. You can treat your family to a Christmas set of wines, chocolates and other sweet delicacies for only AUD169.99 or buy your kids that dreamed-of place setting with a savings of AUD1000. And if you end the year stressed out, you can get a massage pad for AUD129.99. To be able to shop at their facilities you have to become a member by paying a fee. You can fill out the form at the store itself or fill it out online. Once you have your card, you can log in as a customer and make regular purchases. Bonus: if you have in mind to liven up the evening with red or green candles, you can find sets for UUS89.99.

My Deals 365 brings you all the discount catalogs of your favorite stores. Take advantage of the offers. You choose the chain that works best for you.


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Big W vs Costco. Which store offers the best deals?

Must have tools for home improvement (And where to buy them)

You don't need to be a professional handyman to do some minor home repairs. But you should have certain tools that will get you out of trouble, especially if something goes wrong over the weekend. A water leak, a broken window, a power outage or any other unforeseen situation can be easily resolved with the right tools. In Australia in stores like Total Tools, Kincrome or Toolmart you can find a wide assortment and at the best price. You have no excuses. Get to work and discover your full potential. Here are five tools that are indispensable in the home:

Stilson wrench

It is used to tighten or loosen pieces of different dimensions, mainly tubes and pipes. It is the ideal tool to adjust the pipe in case of leaks or filtrations. Its use is simple, just turn the threaded ring and the gear to adjust it to the necessary diameter of the piece to be tightened or loosened.


It is one of the most basic tools for manual work. Among the wide variety of hammers on the market, the most common and useful for the home is the carpenter's hammer, known as the claw hammer, which is used for both nailing and nail pulling. Any woodworking job you're going to do at home requires its use.


These are indispensable for putting in and taking out screws, so they'll be useful for all kinds of home repairs that involve dealing with screws, such as replacing sheet metal. It is not a bad idea to buy a set of screwdrivers with different tips, apart from the flat and cross screwdrivers, for more specific situations.


It will be your best ally when there are blackouts or for working in a dark place in the house where you have no other source of light. You can have a set of flashlights for different occasions, including head, keychain and handheld. It is also a good option to invest in an emergency light, which will last longer and illuminate better.

Adhesive Tape

It is water resistant and very useful for emergency situations that require a quick repair such as a water leak, a gas leak or for taping a broken object. It adheres to materials as diverse as wood, metal, glass and plastic, even on itself, making it very useful for an emergency bandage.

As an extra ...

A tool box is also recommended as an extra accessory. It will allow you to keep the whole set tidy and you will know where to look whenever an emergency occurs. Choose the right size and take only what you need. Don’t accumulate things because the toolbox will lose practicality and portability. Keeping a flannel on hand is also a good option. It will allow you to clean the surfaces you are going to work on.

My Deals 365 brings you the best catalogs from Australia's leading hardware stores so you can find everything you need for your home at the best price. Go for it and sort it out for yourself!


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Must have tools for home improvement (And where to buy them)

What you need to know before buying outdoor furniture

Having good patio furniture brings great comfort and functionality to outdoor spaces, whether your home has a large garden or just a small deck. Inviting your family or friends for a barbecue and enjoying the outdoors is an incomparable experience.

In the past in Australia it wasn’t given much importance, but nowadays outdoor spaces require careful planning so as not to clash with the decoration of the home. Here are some tips on how to buy outdoor furniture without spending too much. Stores like IKEA, Fantastic Furniture, West Elm and Freedom are great places to start.

Comfort Matters

Before you buy outdoor furniture, you need to try it out just like you would indoor furniture. Not only should it be attractive, but it should also be comfortable. If you spend a lot of hours outside, the ideal is to choose a set of chairs or armchairs that have cushions or that can recline.

Think about storage

You'll give your patio furniture more years of life if you store it in a place that protects it from the sun's rays or extreme cold. In the seasons when you won't be using them, a garage or basement will be ideal for storage.

Hard furniture such as teak chairs or wrought iron sofas last longer if they are sheltered. If you don't have a lot of storage space, it's best to look for patio furniture that folds up and can be easily disassembled.

Match the color to the interior

Although wood tones are very common, we should not limit our choice. Other colors such as white, black, wicker or metal pieces will be ideal to combine with indoor furniture for its neutrality.

An option so that you do not find a monochromatic color palette boring is to combine these pieces of furniture with colorful pillows or various decorative pieces that could enhance the space.

Invest in quality

If you plan to make the expense, the ideal thing to do is to choose quality outdoor furniture. You may pay a little more money, but you won't have to regret it later. Plastic tables and chairs are functional, although too much exposure to the sun can end up drying out the furniture.

Some products made of wood or wicker have the same problem, unless they have been specially treated beforehand. Be attentive to the opinions of other consumers or specialized personnel before buying.

Look for dual-use furniture

It’s a good idea to buy furniture or accessories that can be used for more than one purpose. A rug can be used as extra seating at your next party, for example. The more versatile the furniture or accessory, the better for you. You save money and have dual functionality. They are also ideal for small spaces.

My Deals 365 brings you the best catalogs of your favorite stores so that renovating the patio is simple and fun. You don't need to spend a lot of money to have the backyard or patio you've always dreamed of. Go for it!


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What you need to know before buying outdoor furniture

The best supermarkets in Australia

Finding the right supermarket can be a tough job in 2022. With an inflation rate of 6.8% comes the challenge of finding the right prices to battle a higher cost of living.

Luckily, there are many supermarkets offering discounts and promotions to help you get the best value for your money. Before you start your next grocery list, here are some of the most affordable and reliable supermarkets in Australia.


Aldi opened its first Australian store back in 2001. Since then, the world-renowned german discount supermarket has become a nationwide phenomenon, and for good reason. If you compare the cost of the national produce basket with almost any other supermarket, Aldi easily beats the competition by almost $60.

Why are Aldi prices so low? Well, the key to their success has a lot to do with the brands they offer, their super-efficient supply chain, and, above all, their overall business philosophy. Aldi is so cheap that they dont even have their own loyalty card.

There are over 500 Aldi stores in Australia, so there is probably an Aldi near you if you live in an urban area or even some suburban regions of the country.


Coles is one of the biggest supermarkets in the country. With over 830 stores nationwide, the brand has managed to become a national favorite. Their business model includes large supermarkets and medium-sized convenience stores, and that means that you can't drive anywhere in Australia without finding a Coles store near you.

Coles has a rewards program called Flybuys that offers some of the best rewards in the country, with discounts that can help you save up to 50% on selected products, as well as financing options, cashback, and many other perks.

Apart from being an amazing supermarket choice, Coles is also one of the biggest employers in the country, offering first-job opportunities to the younger generation. Now, that is what we call a quality store!


IGA is undeniable a national power player in the supermarket industry. With over 1450 stores nationwide, it is the largest independent supermarket in the country.

One of the things people love about IGA is the number of national brands you can find at their stores. Much like crocodile Dundee in the 90s, IGA is one of those brands that make us proud every time we go overseas.

Although they do not have the buying power of their multinational counterparts, IGA has managed to become a successfull enterprise, growing steadily for decades.

In other words, IGA is one of those places where you can save money AND feel like a patriot while doing it. Not a bad deal if you ask us.


This list just wouldn't be complete without another Australian giant. Founded in 1924 by five dashing local entrepreneurs, Woolworths was originally called Woolworths Stupendous Bargain Basement.

Speaking about bargains, Woolworth is still one of the most affortable supermarkets in the country. Now, that is what we call being consistent! Today, Woolworths is Australia's biggest supermarket chain, with over 995 stores and more than 100.000 employees nationwide.

To get the best deals at Woolworths, you can join their Everyday Rewards program or their Bunch Club if you are interested in testing new products and flavors. Their rewards program gives you points for every dollar you spend, and you can later trade those points for discounts and products.

Together with the Flybuys loyalty program, Everyday Rewards stands tall as one of Australia's biggest discount opportunities for us bargain hunters.

Are you looking for deals and discounts for your next trip to the supermarket? Visit My Deals 365 and find the absolute best promotions to save money on everything you need. From home appliances to fashion and homewares, we have the latest catalogs, brochures, and flyers from all your favorite stores. Visit My Deals 365 and become a discount expert today!


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The best supermarkets in Australia

What you need to know before for choosing your first camera

July school break is coming up in Australia and you are getting ready to go on vacation with your family, but you realized that you don't have a camera because you always use your cell phone to take pictures. You have little time to organize everything and making a bad purchase is not an option. Are you searching for your first camera? Do you want to know what to look for and how to choose?

There are many options and different brands in Australian electronics stores. Talking about megapixels, viewfinder type, and mirrorless technology can be very technical and confusing. So, here are some tips on how to choose a camera that fits your needs and at a good price. All cameras cost money, and sometimes a lot. So determining your budget is a great place to start.

Types of cameras

There are four main options: point-and-shoot cameras, bridge cameras, DSLRs, and mirrorless cameras. Point-and-shoot cameras are designed for beginners and have automatic modes for easy photography.

However, DSLRs are the most classic and elegant cameras and incorporate large buttons and lenses. Low-end DSLRs offer good image quality, while high-end DSLRs include sophisticated features such as ultra-fast continuous shooting, complex autofocus tracking, and an ultra-rugged frame.


What do megapixels really offer? Two things: cropping latitude and large print. For example, a 70-megapixel camera will crop a subject for an enlarged view without losing quality. Although for a beginner, a lower megapixel camera is a good choice.

The resolution is directly related to file size. The better resolution a camera has, the faster memory cards and a computer's hard drive will fill up. Before buying a camera, ask yourself if you really need that many megapixels.

Lens quality

There are different types of lenses and they have different functions. Some lenses cover wider zoom ranges and others more limited zoom ranges, which could be fine or become a real problem depending on your interests. If you bought a DSLR model, you will need to incorporate a lens to capture photos.

Choosing the perfect lens is often as difficult as choosing the perfect camera. However, as a beginner, it is best to start with a kit lens, spend time developing your photographic interests, and then move on to more specialized lenses as your needs change.

Cameras are expensive, so determining a budget is a good start. My Deals 365 has the latest catalogs of your favorite brands. You will be able to find a variety of models and brands and the best deals to buy your first camera. But there are plenty of additional features worth considering, depending on the genres that interest you.


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What you need to know before for choosing your first camera

5 must-have items in your closet this winter

Although we know that winter in Australia isn’t so extreme, this season forces us to take out warmer clothes to spend the remaining days of low temperatures.

The alternatives to combine are varied and we only have to choose what best suits our personality and style.

The cold is the protagonist of our looks. In winter we have to be very warm to avoid health complications, but that doesn’t mean resigning fashion. These are some of the coolest global trends. What you wear and how you wear it can say a lot about you.


It’s comfortable and versatile apparel that you can wear to go to the office, to go out for a few drinks and enjoy the night, or just to relax at home watching a series. We will find a wide variety of sweaters in Australian clothing stores and in different textures. Long, short, bulky, loose or thin knit and cotton, all are good choices.

Leather jackets

Leather jackets have become the protagonists of every season. Investing money in a leather jacket is a good choice because it’s timeless. No matter how many seasons go by, it always remains in force. Better if it is eco-leather because it’s a way towards sustainability in the fashion industry and to take care of Australia's biodiversity.

Long coats

Were synonymous with a classic and formal style. However, in recent times long coats have been reinvented and today we see people of all ages in the streets of Australian cities wearing them, in different colors and with different designs and prints. Long coats set a before and after for the oversize trend and are usually worn in mid-length or knee-length.


Gloves should never be missing in your closet. There are warmer options such as leather gloves or fingerless gloves, also fashionable, to keep the palms of your hands warm. Although fingerless gloves don’t guarantee total protection against the cold, these can be combined with any outfit and look good with work or party clothes.


XL size scarves have been around for a long time and are the undisputed protagonists of this winter season in Australia. With or without bangs and made of different materials such as wool or recycled polyester, scarves offer equal protection from the cold. The ones combined in red and blue or pink and light blue stand out. There are smaller sizes, although these aren’t the preferred ones among the young public.

MyDeals365 has the latest catalogs of your favorite brands. Find the best stores in one place and start saving on everything you are looking for to enjoy this winter. Check out MyDeals365 and discover a new world of possibilities.


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5 must-have items in your closet this winter

Summer in Australia: fashion on the beach

Hot days are already common in our country and we have to start thinking about how we are going to escape the high temperatures. The beach is always the best option. That's why we're going to prepare our outfits to hit the sand in glamour.

Colours for the season

It will be another summer of colours that won't go unnoticed. Orchid pink is joined by corals and electric blues to make sure your step on the beach is well established. Metallic greens will also be in season and for those who ask about prints there will also be variety. The jungle will be at the forefront but it will also be a season of geometric shapes, sea and arabesques. A range of options to live the summer in Australia without censorship.


Bikini or one-piece? What used to be for one age group is now for everyone. One-piece swimming costumes are becoming more and more popular among young women and this summer will be no exception. In the shop windows of Australian shops you will find options with rings on the sides or with different cut-outs that give more dynamics and originality to these garments. As for bikinis, the trendy tops will be inverted triangle and underwire without push-up.


Dresses are ideal to overcome the hot days. A cool and fresh option to spend the days and nights at the beach. Trends indicate that Australian clothing shops will offer dresses with handmade motifs with different textures combining fabrics, threads and crochet. Colourful striped options will also be the order of the day. For evening wear, the focus will be on glitter and sequins to get your look noticed from all corners.

Shorts and suits

Last summer was all about stretch shorts. This summer shorts will continue to be in fashion but the materials will change towards lighter options such as linen or tulle. While still fitting the body, these options, paired with matching tops, will be key in Australian wardrobes. At the same time, one-piece suits will settle in to become an everyday garment.

Bags and hats

We can't go to the beach without good storage space. Bags for this summer in Australia will be big, no more going with small handbags where nothing will fit. To keep in mind that sober handbags will match perfectly with the other more strident garments. To dress up and protect your head the best option is a good straw hat with a wide brim.


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Summer in Australia: fashion on the beach

Electric vehicles to replace your bike

Thinking of getting to work faster? If it's time to ditch your bike but you want to choose an eco-friendly option, what you're looking for is an electric vehicle. These modes of transport are the future and have many advantages that are sure to suit your urban needs.

Australia's major cities already have many people choosing this mode of transport. Among some of the advantages are that these vehicles are very practical due to their size and flexibility. In addition to being environmentally friendly, the cost of maintenance and use is much cheaper. Taking care of your wallet and the environment in one step is very tempting. So, which one do you choose?


If you want to change the speed but not the look of your vehicle, it's best to start with an electric bike. There are a number of models available in Australian shops and supermarkets that carry different technologies. Most of them go up to 20 miles per hour and have a range of 25 miles.


The stars of the moment in Australia are electric scooters. They have been conquering the streets for several years and nowadays any electronics shop offers this means of transport. The scooters are very practical as you can easily take them up in a lift or even take them on the metro. Most scooters have a range of 12 to 18 miles, although there are some with a range of 40 miles. In terms of speed, these vehicles do not exceed 20 miles per hour.


Here we start to move on to more robust vehicles. A moped may be a good option before moving on to a motorbike or electric car. Mopeds are excellent options if you live a little further away from your workplace as they have an operating range of up to 60 miles. They also offer more speed, between 28 and 45 miles per hour. These types of vehicles can be found in vehicle shops, electronics shops and some appliance stores in Australia.


The last level of two-wheeled vehicles and the most complex of all. If you want to move up to having a motorbike that will take you everywhere you go, it is always better to have an electric motorcycle than a combustion one. Today all brands in Australia have electric models. Generally speaking, the range is 100 miles while the average speed is 70 miles per hour.


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Electric vehicles to replace your bike

The best vegan restaurants in Australia

Australia is famous for many things. Beautiful beaches, amazing fauna, carefree happy locals, and spiders the size of a small car. However, Australia is also one of the best places to live if you like plant base eco-friendly food. The country has some of the best home-grown produce in the world and also some of the best-specialized restaurants.

If you are planning on visiting the land down under or you are a local looking for new vegan options, here are some of the best vegan restaurants in Australia.

Gigi´s Pizzeria - Sydney.

Oh, we are starting with pizza? Absolutely! Vegan pizza, when done right, can be amazingly good and no one does it better than Gigi´s Pizzeria in Newtown, Sydney. Since 2008, this small restaurant has been dazzling customers with some of the best plant-based pizza options in town. In 2015, the restaurant decided to go full vegan, creating an ethical and sustainable menu inspired by some of the best and most eco-friendly ingredients, most of them locally sourced.

While they also sell pasta, minestrone, cakes, and calzones, the crown jewel of the venue is definitely the pizza. With toppings like dairy-free blue cheese, vegan parmesan, natural mushrooms, garlic, and walnuts, every option feels like vegan heaven.

Grown - Brisbane.

If you like classic soul food dishes but also crave some of that sweet sweet all-natural plant-based flavor, then Grown is the place for you. The restaurant has an original take on classic dishes and a small menu that changes every season, adapting according to the time of year.

One of the most interesting things about Grown is how they manage to use raw ingredients to create amazing dishes that feel new and fresh using the finest locally grown produce options. And hey, they also have some of the best drinks and coffee beans in town. If you are thinking about visiting, we recommend you try their pumpkin empanadas with a bowl of seasonal greens with a fresh mojito.

Sweet Bones Bakery and Café – Canberra.

An all-vegan bakery sounds a little bit like a utopia right? After all, we associate bakeries with dairy products, processed sugar, cream, and other ingredients of the sort. Well, get ready to be amazed! Sweet Bones Bakery, located in 8/18 Lonsdale St Braddon, has an all-day vegan menu that includes raspberry braids, a wide collection of cakes, granola bowls, cinnamon buns, Snickerdoodle Whoopie Pies, and (drum rolls please) the best vegan chili cheese dogs you will ever try.

The place is a perfect mix of sweet and sour that can turn even the most die-hard non-vegan into a true believer. Their slogan “best enjoyed with those you love” is a statement to the great work they do to create dishes that everyone can enjoy.


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The best vegan restaurants in Australia

6 typical Australian sweet dishes

If there's one thing we Aussies love, it's sweet treats. Whenever we get the chance to celebrate, there are treats to try. Discover these traditional Australian recipes to celebrate national days or add an aussie touch to your festivities.


This dessert is historically disputed between Australia and New Zealand. This fruit tart has a baked French meringue base that serves as the bowl for the contents, which are basically whipping cream. Once the meringue and filling are made, we take red fruits or other seasonal fruits to put on top and decorate the pavlova. The idea is to make a rustic tart with peaks of meringue, ideal for a refreshing afternoon.


How could you pass up this classic Australian snack. With ingredients you can find in any Australian supermarket, these little squares of sponge cake are perfect for a birthday party or an afternoon in the park. The cake is made with flour, eggs, butter, sugar, milk and other ingredients. But the characteristic feature is the chocolate coating with grated coconut that captivates every palate.

Anzac cookies

These biscuits serve as a tribute to commemorate the lives of those who fought in the great joint military operation between Australia and New Zealand during the First World War. These oat and coconut cookies are a delightful treat to accompany this patriotic day. The recipe also includes golden syrup and butter.

Banana damper

Who doesn't love banana preparations? This traditional Australian sweet dish can be your next ally in getting to work and looking good with your colleagues. Flour, brown sugar, butter, bananas and nuts. With these simple elements that you can find in every supermarket you have an Australian sweet dish in your hand.

Tim Tam barks

Is there a more iconic sweet in Australia? To take Tim Tam bars to the next level you can break them into a zip lock bag, melt chocolate in a saucepan and mix the two ingredients together. Then spread the contents on a metal board, a few hours in the fridge and you have a delicious dessert in your possession - don't eat it all in one sitting!

Neenish tarts

These little treats are very popular in Australia and New Zealand. The base is made of a shortbread biscuit and sugar. Inside it has a strawberry jam and cream. Finally, a two-tone icing on top to make them beautifully ready to eat. All the ingredients are very affordable and you can find them in any supermarket.


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6 typical Australian sweet dishes

The best-selling women's perfumes in Australia

Presence is often defined by our personality, but a good perfume is the straw that breaks the camel's back. Classic, citrus, fruity, woody or whatever you like. These are the most sought-after perfumes.

Ariana Grande Cloud

The top-selling perfume is this one from the renowned American singer. Ideal for summer in Australia, this fragrance has a stunning floral scent that combines notes of vanilla, coconut and cream to round out a very practical product for your sunny days. Plus, in its final tones, almonds provide a soft base that accompanies you without being too invasive.

Estée Lauder Beautiful

An explosion of flowers from the American company. It is precisely this unique floral combination that is the rage in Australia's perfume shops. Rose, lily, jasmine, marigold, lilies, lilac, magnolia, among other flowers make up this fragrance that will make you float in a very summery scent. The cedar and vanilla in the base notes allow the intensity to be lowered to create a solid scent.

Versace Bright Crystal

The Italian house can not miss in the list of the most popular perfumes in Australia. This product continues in the line of flowers with a fresh and aquatic scent. If you are looking for a fragrance for the beach, here is the solution. Pomegranate, magnolia and lotus flower combine with amber and mahogany to give birth to this soft and refreshing scent.

Clinique Aromatics Elixir

This fragrance is in the woody spectrum. This product, more intended for special occasions, has a more robust structure with its notes of oakmoss, patchouli and incense. Aromas such as cedron, peppermint and bergamot are added to this base, giving it a very particular aromatic style. An excellent choice to look for in Australian shops when thinking of a key meeting or special party.

Samsara by Guerlain

This French creation combines peach with vanilla, a combination that captivates Australian women of all ages. The body of this fragrance is more intense, allowing it to fit into classic evening looks. The lemony notes add the necessary acidic touch to balance its personality.

Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche

A classic that is still in fashion in Australia. The French house's product combines aromas associated with soap and cleanliness with earthy, woody tones. These notes create a balanced and traditional scent that is not to be outdone. Rose, jasmine, peach and bergamot, among others, can be sensed in the scent.


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The best-selling women's perfumes in Australia

How to best prepare for Black Friday

One of the most anticipated days for everyone in Australia is approaching. We're all hunkered down waiting for the best deals to go out and buy that thing we want so badly or get a head start on those Christmas presents. But how do we get ready? Follow this little guide to help you make the most of the day.

Plan ahead

Time is money. Start thinking about what you want to look for in advance, because during these days the offers fly and the products sell out very quickly. Now is a good time to sit down and write down everything you need and want to look for in Australia's shops and supermarkets. You can make a list by category or prioritise your shopping so you don't have to decide at the last minute. Be prepared in advance and you'll get more out of your Black Friday.

Confirm the sales

As you prepare for the day of discounts and offers, we suggest you keep track of the cost of the products you are looking at. This will allow you to check if they are really offering you a good deal or if the prices were inflated to end up paying the same as now. With a good analysis you can avoid scams and make the most of your search in online shops.

Pay attention to security

This is a fundamental issue when it comes to shopping on Black Friday. In 2020, a 42% increase in losses due to online scams was reported. That's why you need to pay close attention when shopping anywhere in Australia. We need to make sure that the sites are safe, have security certifications and actually belong to the merchant we choose. It is also important to do your research and check comments or reviews to verify that the products arrive at your home. Don't trust an offer that is way out of the ordinary.

Check out several options

Don't fall in love at first sight. Whenever you are looking for a product in Australian shops and supermarkets, you should always have different options in hand. It often happens that we get anxious and then find out that what we bought was cheaper elsewhere. Look for alternatives in different places so that you always have the best offer on the table.


When you finish shopping, what you should check are the delivery times. If you are shopping online you can check how long it will take for the store to deliver what you have bought. It often happens that due to large volumes of purchases, deliveries are delayed and can take a while to show up on your doorstep.

Ready to go out and take advantage of Black Friday!


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How to best prepare for Black Friday

What you need to know before buying rugby boots

Whether you are a parent looking to buy your child’s first rugby boots or a seasoned amateur player wondering what boots can help you outrun the beer-belly giants you play with every Sunday afternoon, some universal questions need to be answered before hitting that purchase button. Here are some of the most important things you need to consider.

Ground Quality

Not all grounds are the same. Yes, we all want a universal pair of boots that will adapt to every type of field, but since that technology hasn’t been invented yet, considering the ground is still a very important thing to do. There are three types of grounds; Soft, Firm, and Artificial.

Soft grounds can get muddy, wet, and well, soft. To reach optimal grip and traction, you need long studs that provide security and stability even when the ground feels like it’s slipping from your feet. Bio-frame 8 stud outsoles are ideal since they are made from lightweight materials and stable frames.

Firm grounds are drier, providing a quicker game. Six stud outsoles with molded plastic studs are an ideal setup for a firm field. There are also six stud junior boots with the same configuration and since the studs are shorter, they are usually easier to get used to. Artificial grounds were an exception a couple of years ago, but now they are very common both in amateur and professional leagues. Longer studded boots are not necessary for turf fields since they can provide discomfort and instability. In this scenario, the best thing you can do is play with molded boots since they have shorter studs and slipper-like comfort. Molded boots tend to have a wider range of options and come in many sizes.


Rugby boots are not easy to pick. Sizes vary depending on the brand and can stretch after a couple of months. Junior sizes go from 2 to 15 and it is recommended that children try them on before deciding since studs can be uncomfortable at first. Rugby boots are a wider fit than most football boots and while they may offer a more dominant foot position, they can also be harder to adapt to.


There are three basic configurations; 8 stud boots, 6 stud boots, and moulded stud boots. 8 Stud boots are used on softer surfaces and provide a better grip in wet conditions. 6 stud boots provide excellent traction to maximize your speed and agility and moulded boots work great on firm grounds and artificial surfaces, providing excellent grip and minimizing risks.

There are many brands and models to consider and they all offer different technologies, materials, and styles. Some of the best brands are Adidas, Canterbury, Puma, Gilbert Kaizen, Mizuno, and Asics. Each brand has many models you can browse to decide which one is the best for you or your child.


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What you need to know before buying rugby boots

The most sustainable supermarkets in Australia

Sustainability has become a very relevant topic for companies and customers alike. Purchasing trends show that people are starting to consider environmental impact when deciding where and what to buy, asking companies to do better and work harder to achieve better results when it comes to energy spending, food waste, and recycling policies.

Australia has been pushing for a greener economy for a long time and many companies understood the message loud and clear, implementing new and smarter ways to help the environment and adapt to the needs of the near future.

Here are some of the most sustainable supermarkets in Australia.


Coles is a supermarket chain owned by the Coles Group. It was founded in 1914 and since then, it has been a part of the Australian business ecosystem employing over 100 thousand people in its 800 locations.

In September 2021, Cole announced that they wanted to become Australia’s most sustainable supermarket. Their first big bet in this direction was a new concept store at Moonee Ponds, located in the inner Melbourne suburb.

Their new model promotes the use of reusable containers, recycled content, energy reduction, composting, and a reduction of their waste profile and emissions to zero by 2050. They have also decided to stop selling single-use plastics such as party tableware, straws, and pre-wrapped fruits and vegetables.


Woolworths is another food retailer giant that is betting big on sustainability. During the 1990s, the Woolworths group entered the petrol business, buying Plus Petrol and operating a considerable net of gas stations nationwide. Today, the company is changing directions, investing in greener endeavors while also transforming its business operations.

The company has unveiled a sustainability plan that involves zero food waste to landfills, stores powered only with green electricity, plastic packaging reduction, single-use plastic removals, and improving animal welfare standards by 2025.

Woolworths stores also have their own battery and mobile phone recycling program, recyclable packaging, container deposit programs, and other interesting and forward-thinking initiatives.


While Woolworths and Coles control over 70% of the supermarkets in Australia, other competitors are also pushing for greener agendas. Since 2015, Metcash has promoted its own sustainability program that involves waste reduction and heavy recycling policies, a reduction in its carbon emissions, lower energy consumption, and awareness programs in the community.

The company has already managed to cut down their waste by 4,200 tonnes a year, reduce their energy usage by 10% and push forward more than 10 recycling programs in towns and cities through foundations and government programs.

There are also many small stores and businesses working to create more eco-friendly conditions, but the impact these three companies have on the final results are considerably bigger and that alone is reason enough for customers to keep demanding companies take action and stay on the right path.


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The most sustainable supermarkets in Australia

Going vegan? Here are four things you should know

Switching to a vegan diet is an important decision. Veganism is more than a culinary and nutritional choice, it's a lifestyle that will have implications in more ways than one. It will probably change your views of many things you used to take for granted, the places you visit and even certain habits. If you are thinking about it, here are five things you should know beforehand.

It’s ok to take it slow

Changing all your dietary habits at once is a hard thing to manage, especially when adopting a vegan diet. You might be surprised to discover that your fridge is full of things you can't eat anymore and you miss the stuff you used to take for granted. When making the choice, don’t be afraid to take it slow. Start with dairy products or meat and go from there, take your time to adapt. After all, if you are going to adopt veganism for life, what’s the difference if you take a couple of months to adapt?

It can be a pricey lifestyle

A decade ago, being a vegan was an extremely expensive decision due to the lack of companies that created vegan products. Fortunately today it is much easier since there is a whole industry that caters to the needs of people who enjoy this kind of lifestyle. Still, many vegan products are much more expensive than regular products. Almond milk, vegan cheese, veggie burgers, and many other products have a significantly higher price tag, but that is changing for the better. It is important to ask around not only about products but also about prices. The best thing you can do is ask your vegan friends where they do their shopping to make a budget that won’t break the bank.

Consider supplements

Diets that include meat have vitamins that are harder to get in a plant-based or vegan diet. Before you make the jump, consult a medical professional about nutrition considerations, vitamins, and supplements. That way, you can be sure you are getting everything you need and avoiding potential health hazards such as lack of B12 or Vitamin D. This is by no means something that should stop you from going vegan, but it is certainly important to pay attention to it before you start.

Vegan products are not always healthy

People assume that vegan products are healthy, low carbs, or even all-natural. That is not always the case. The market is full of junk food and meat alternatives that do more harm than good. From pizza to cakes, vegan products can be as bad as nonvegan products for your health. The best thing you can do to avoid this kind of scheme is to become an avid label reader, that way you will be able to know exactly what’s on your next meal before you decide to take it home with you.


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Going vegan? Here are four things you should know

4 products that you can only find in Australia

Each country has its very own collection of products that are so unmistakably local even the most hard-boiled national would shed a tear if they ever find them outside their homeland. The land down under has many specialties tourists may consider odd or even very interesting to try. If you are hungry for some classics, here are five products you can only find in Australia.


A lamington is a spongy cake made coated with chocolate and desiccated coconut… and it is just A-MA-ZING. Probably one of the most iconic Australian pastries in the country. You can find lamingtons in almost any bakery. Some have jelly inside, others have even more chocolate and while they are all very good, there is nothing like a classic lamington to go with your tea.

Golden Gaytime

Golden Gaytime sounds like a very fun festival that should be celebrated yearly on the golden gate bridge (Take note, New York) but it is also one of Australia’s most famous ice creams. Made with toffee, vanilla, and a thick chocolate layer, Golden Gaytime is manufactured by Streets, an Australian ice cream brand owned by Unilever. With temperatures above 115 degrees on an average summer day, this iconic popsicle is the undeniable king of the season, every season. You can find limited editions with flavors like Pina Colada and even Unicorn (not made with actual unicorns). A product that is guaranteed to cause a raging addiction for summer gatherings.


Probably the most Australian product on planet earth (apart from Crocodile Dundee DVDs). Vegemite is made from yeast extracts, vegetables, spices, and additives. And it’s… well, polarizing. We are not joking, this little jar of thick dark brown paste has die-hard fans and cold-hearted detractors that can even stand watching it from a safe distance, and that is probably the beauty of the product. The company has even made ad campaigns with the slogan “Love it or hate it” to make fun of the age-old debate. While the question of taste is a debate that will probably last until the end of time, one thing is certain, there is no product as Australian as Vegemite on top of a slice of bread.

Tim Tams

Tim Tams are Australia’s most beloved chocolate biscuit bars and they have the numbers to back that claim. Over 45 million packets of these adorable bars are sold yearly in the country alone. They have been around since 1964 when the Arnott's Biscuit company first launched then and they have been a classic treat ever since, with generations of fans that appreciate a product that hasn’t changed over time. Legend says that Ian Norris, director of Arnott's, went to Britain, tried the Penguin biscuit, and said to his people “make a better one”. And by god, they did.


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4 products that you can only find in Australia

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