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What you need to know before buying rugby boots

What you need to know before buying rugby boots

Whether you are a parent looking to buy your child’s first rugby boots or a seasoned amateur player wondering what boots can help you outrun the beer-belly giants you play with every Sunday afternoon, some universal questions need to be answered before hitting that purchase button. Here are some of the most important things you need to consider.

Ground Quality

Not all grounds are the same. Yes, we all want a universal pair of boots that will adapt to every type of field, but since that technology hasn’t been invented yet, considering the ground is still a very important thing to do. There are three types of grounds; Soft, Firm, and Artificial.

Soft grounds can get muddy, wet, and well, soft. To reach optimal grip and traction, you need long studs that provide security and stability even when the ground feels like it’s slipping from your feet. Bio-frame 8 stud outsoles are ideal since they are made from lightweight materials and stable frames.

Firm grounds are drier, providing a quicker game. Six stud outsoles with molded plastic studs are an ideal setup for a firm field. There are also six stud junior boots with the same configuration and since the studs are shorter, they are usually easier to get used to. Artificial grounds were an exception a couple of years ago, but now they are very common both in amateur and professional leagues. Longer studded boots are not necessary for turf fields since they can provide discomfort and instability. In this scenario, the best thing you can do is play with molded boots since they have shorter studs and slipper-like comfort. Molded boots tend to have a wider range of options and come in many sizes.


Rugby boots are not easy to pick. Sizes vary depending on the brand and can stretch after a couple of months. Junior sizes go from 2 to 15 and it is recommended that children try them on before deciding since studs can be uncomfortable at first. Rugby boots are a wider fit than most football boots and while they may offer a more dominant foot position, they can also be harder to adapt to.


There are three basic configurations; 8 stud boots, 6 stud boots, and moulded stud boots. 8 Stud boots are used on softer surfaces and provide a better grip in wet conditions. 6 stud boots provide excellent traction to maximize your speed and agility and moulded boots work great on firm grounds and artificial surfaces, providing excellent grip and minimizing risks.

There are many brands and models to consider and they all offer different technologies, materials, and styles. Some of the best brands are Adidas, Canterbury, Puma, Gilbert Kaizen, Mizuno, and Asics. Each brand has many models you can browse to decide which one is the best for you or your child.


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