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The promotion of LGBTQ+ inclusion in Australia

The promotion of LGBTQ+ inclusion in Australia

Life in Australia can be summed up in three words: tolerance, inclusion and lots of fun. The community in this country is very open and friendly to new foreign students, migrants, tourists and LGBT+ residents.

The latest census conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics showed that at least 47,000 same-sex couples live in Australia. In addition, 1 in 25 Australians identify as gay, lesbian or bisexual.

There are many reasons why Australia is considered one of the best gay destinations in the world. Here we tell you the most important ones.

LGBT+ rights


The Australian LGBT+ community's fight for equality rights has been progressively evolving. Despite being a first world country with a significant LGBT+ population, equality rights have been hard won.

This was achieved through pressure long imposed on Australian state governments and legislators. Today, the rights are protected by the Sexual Discrimination Act, which establishes the illegality of any act that less any right by reason of a sexual orientation.

The most important rights of the LGBT community are:

  • Gay marriage or civil union: this is one of the last acquired rights (2017), it was fought and waited for many decades. Now it is possible the marriage of two people of the same sex.

  • Apply for a partner visa: Australian citizens and permanent residents have the right to sponsor their same-sex partners.

  • Applying to Australia's migration programs: any LGBT+ person can apply to the Australian government's skilled migration programs, including attaching their same-sex partner.

  • Gender reassignment: allows anyone to change their gender without the need for surgery.

  • Adoption: since 2018 the Australian government allows same-sex couples to be able to adopt children within the legal framework that regulates this process. It varies depending on the state.

  • Housing: since 2013, same-sex couples have the right to be able to purchase a home. In addition, they have access to public social programs for credit acquisition.

  • Being part of any national defense corps: since 1992, any openly LGBT+ person has the right to be part of any national defense corps such as military, navy, air force, police, etc.

  • Enjoyment of social programs: since 2009, the inclusion of same-sex couples in retirement plans, social security, health, inheritance, taxes, veterans' benefits, etc. has been approved.

  • Right to asylum based on sexual orientation: the LGBT+ community can apply for asylum in Australia in case of imminent danger to their integrity in their country of origin.

  • Parties or events: since 1994, it has been legal throughout Australia to hold any type of activity with homosexual orientation or promotion.

Prohibited acts


  • In all states except Victoria, former conversion therapies that seek to cure gay orientation are banned.

  • It is forbidden to ask about an individual's sexual orientation in a job interview.

  • Cases of homophobia in Australia can be taken to court.

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