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The most sustainable supermarkets in Australia

The most sustainable supermarkets in Australia

Sustainability has become a very relevant topic for companies and customers alike. Purchasing trends show that people are starting to consider environmental impact when deciding where and what to buy, asking companies to do better and work harder to achieve better results when it comes to energy spending, food waste, and recycling policies.

Australia has been pushing for a greener economy for a long time and many companies understood the message loud and clear, implementing new and smarter ways to help the environment and adapt to the needs of the near future.

Here are some of the most sustainable supermarkets in Australia.


Coles is a supermarket chain owned by the Coles Group. It was founded in 1914 and since then, it has been a part of the Australian business ecosystem employing over 100 thousand people in its 800 locations.

In September 2021, Cole announced that they wanted to become Australia’s most sustainable supermarket. Their first big bet in this direction was a new concept store at Moonee Ponds, located in the inner Melbourne suburb.

Their new model promotes the use of reusable containers, recycled content, energy reduction, composting, and a reduction of their waste profile and emissions to zero by 2050. They have also decided to stop selling single-use plastics such as party tableware, straws, and pre-wrapped fruits and vegetables.


Woolworths is another food retailer giant that is betting big on sustainability. During the 1990s, the Woolworths group entered the petrol business, buying Plus Petrol and operating a considerable net of gas stations nationwide. Today, the company is changing directions, investing in greener endeavors while also transforming its business operations.

The company has unveiled a sustainability plan that involves zero food waste to landfills, stores powered only with green electricity, plastic packaging reduction, single-use plastic removals, and improving animal welfare standards by 2025.

Woolworths stores also have their own battery and mobile phone recycling program, recyclable packaging, container deposit programs, and other interesting and forward-thinking initiatives.


While Woolworths and Coles control over 70% of the supermarkets in Australia, other competitors are also pushing for greener agendas. Since 2015, Metcash has promoted its own sustainability program that involves waste reduction and heavy recycling policies, a reduction in its carbon emissions, lower energy consumption, and awareness programs in the community.

The company has already managed to cut down their waste by 4,200 tonnes a year, reduce their energy usage by 10% and push forward more than 10 recycling programs in towns and cities through foundations and government programs.

There are also many small stores and businesses working to create more eco-friendly conditions, but the impact these three companies have on the final results are considerably bigger and that alone is reason enough for customers to keep demanding companies take action and stay on the right path.


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