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The best vegan restaurants in Australia

The best vegan restaurants in Australia

Australia is famous for many things. Beautiful beaches, amazing fauna, carefree happy locals, and spiders the size of a small car. However, Australia is also one of the best places to live if you like plant base eco-friendly food. The country has some of the best home-grown produce in the world and also some of the best-specialized restaurants.

If you are planning on visiting the land down under or you are a local looking for new vegan options, here are some of the best vegan restaurants in Australia.

Gigi´s Pizzeria - Sydney.

Oh, we are starting with pizza? Absolutely! Vegan pizza, when done right, can be amazingly good and no one does it better than Gigi´s Pizzeria in Newtown, Sydney. Since 2008, this small restaurant has been dazzling customers with some of the best plant-based pizza options in town. In 2015, the restaurant decided to go full vegan, creating an ethical and sustainable menu inspired by some of the best and most eco-friendly ingredients, most of them locally sourced.

While they also sell pasta, minestrone, cakes, and calzones, the crown jewel of the venue is definitely the pizza. With toppings like dairy-free blue cheese, vegan parmesan, natural mushrooms, garlic, and walnuts, every option feels like vegan heaven.

Grown - Brisbane.

If you like classic soul food dishes but also crave some of that sweet sweet all-natural plant-based flavor, then Grown is the place for you. The restaurant has an original take on classic dishes and a small menu that changes every season, adapting according to the time of year.

One of the most interesting things about Grown is how they manage to use raw ingredients to create amazing dishes that feel new and fresh using the finest locally grown produce options. And hey, they also have some of the best drinks and coffee beans in town. If you are thinking about visiting, we recommend you try their pumpkin empanadas with a bowl of seasonal greens with a fresh mojito.

Sweet Bones Bakery and Café – Canberra.

An all-vegan bakery sounds a little bit like a utopia right? After all, we associate bakeries with dairy products, processed sugar, cream, and other ingredients of the sort. Well, get ready to be amazed! Sweet Bones Bakery, located in 8/18 Lonsdale St Braddon, has an all-day vegan menu that includes raspberry braids, a wide collection of cakes, granola bowls, cinnamon buns, Snickerdoodle Whoopie Pies, and (drum rolls please) the best vegan chili cheese dogs you will ever try.

The place is a perfect mix of sweet and sour that can turn even the most die-hard non-vegan into a true believer. Their slogan “best enjoyed with those you love” is a statement to the great work they do to create dishes that everyone can enjoy.


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