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Summer in Australia: fashion on the beach

Summer in Australia: fashion on the beach

Hot days are already common in our country and we have to start thinking about how we are going to escape the high temperatures. The beach is always the best option. That's why we're going to prepare our outfits to hit the sand in glamour.

Colours for the season

It will be another summer of colours that won't go unnoticed. Orchid pink is joined by corals and electric blues to make sure your step on the beach is well established. Metallic greens will also be in season and for those who ask about prints there will also be variety. The jungle will be at the forefront but it will also be a season of geometric shapes, sea and arabesques. A range of options to live the summer in Australia without censorship.


Bikini or one-piece? What used to be for one age group is now for everyone. One-piece swimming costumes are becoming more and more popular among young women and this summer will be no exception. In the shop windows of Australian shops you will find options with rings on the sides or with different cut-outs that give more dynamics and originality to these garments. As for bikinis, the trendy tops will be inverted triangle and underwire without push-up.


Dresses are ideal to overcome the hot days. A cool and fresh option to spend the days and nights at the beach. Trends indicate that Australian clothing shops will offer dresses with handmade motifs with different textures combining fabrics, threads and crochet. Colourful striped options will also be the order of the day. For evening wear, the focus will be on glitter and sequins to get your look noticed from all corners.

Shorts and suits

Last summer was all about stretch shorts. This summer shorts will continue to be in fashion but the materials will change towards lighter options such as linen or tulle. While still fitting the body, these options, paired with matching tops, will be key in Australian wardrobes. At the same time, one-piece suits will settle in to become an everyday garment.

Bags and hats

We can't go to the beach without good storage space. Bags for this summer in Australia will be big, no more going with small handbags where nothing will fit. To keep in mind that sober handbags will match perfectly with the other more strident garments. To dress up and protect your head the best option is a good straw hat with a wide brim.


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