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Must have tools for home improvement (And where to buy them)

Must have tools for home improvement (And where to buy them)

You don't need to be a professional handyman to do some minor home repairs. But you should have certain tools that will get you out of trouble, especially if something goes wrong over the weekend. A water leak, a broken window, a power outage or any other unforeseen situation can be easily resolved with the right tools. In Australia in stores like Total Tools, Kincrome or Toolmart you can find a wide assortment and at the best price. You have no excuses. Get to work and discover your full potential. Here are five tools that are indispensable in the home:

Stilson wrench


It is used to tighten or loosen pieces of different dimensions, mainly tubes and pipes. It is the ideal tool to adjust the pipe in case of leaks or filtrations. Its use is simple, just turn the threaded ring and the gear to adjust it to the necessary diameter of the piece to be tightened or loosened.



It is one of the most basic tools for manual work. Among the wide variety of hammers on the market, the most common and useful for the home is the carpenter's hammer, known as the claw hammer, which is used for both nailing and nail pulling. Any woodworking job you're going to do at home requires its use.



These are indispensable for putting in and taking out screws, so they'll be useful for all kinds of home repairs that involve dealing with screws, such as replacing sheet metal. It is not a bad idea to buy a set of screwdrivers with different tips, apart from the flat and cross screwdrivers, for more specific situations.



It will be your best ally when there are blackouts or for working in a dark place in the house where you have no other source of light. You can have a set of flashlights for different occasions, including head, keychain and handheld. It is also a good option to invest in an emergency light, which will last longer and illuminate better.

Adhesive Tape


It is water resistant and very useful for emergency situations that require a quick repair such as a water leak, a gas leak or for taping a broken object. It adheres to materials as diverse as wood, metal, glass and plastic, even on itself, making it very useful for an emergency bandage.

As an extra ...


A tool box is also recommended as an extra accessory. It will allow you to keep the whole set tidy and you will know where to look whenever an emergency occurs. Choose the right size and take only what you need. Don’t accumulate things because the toolbox will lose practicality and portability. Keeping a flannel on hand is also a good option. It will allow you to clean the surfaces you are going to work on.

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