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Going vegan? Here are four things you should know

Going vegan? Here are four things you should know

Switching to a vegan diet is an important decision. Veganism is more than a culinary and nutritional choice, it's a lifestyle that will have implications in more ways than one. It will probably change your views of many things you used to take for granted, the places you visit and even certain habits. If you are thinking about it, here are five things you should know beforehand.

It’s ok to take it slow

Changing all your dietary habits at once is a hard thing to manage, especially when adopting a vegan diet. You might be surprised to discover that your fridge is full of things you can't eat anymore and you miss the stuff you used to take for granted. When making the choice, don’t be afraid to take it slow. Start with dairy products or meat and go from there, take your time to adapt. After all, if you are going to adopt veganism for life, what’s the difference if you take a couple of months to adapt?

It can be a pricey lifestyle

A decade ago, being a vegan was an extremely expensive decision due to the lack of companies that created vegan products. Fortunately today it is much easier since there is a whole industry that caters to the needs of people who enjoy this kind of lifestyle. Still, many vegan products are much more expensive than regular products. Almond milk, vegan cheese, veggie burgers, and many other products have a significantly higher price tag, but that is changing for the better. It is important to ask around not only about products but also about prices. The best thing you can do is ask your vegan friends where they do their shopping to make a budget that won’t break the bank.

Consider supplements

Diets that include meat have vitamins that are harder to get in a plant-based or vegan diet. Before you make the jump, consult a medical professional about nutrition considerations, vitamins, and supplements. That way, you can be sure you are getting everything you need and avoiding potential health hazards such as lack of B12 or Vitamin D. This is by no means something that should stop you from going vegan, but it is certainly important to pay attention to it before you start.

Vegan products are not always healthy

People assume that vegan products are healthy, low carbs, or even all-natural. That is not always the case. The market is full of junk food and meat alternatives that do more harm than good. From pizza to cakes, vegan products can be as bad as nonvegan products for your health. The best thing you can do to avoid this kind of scheme is to become an avid label reader, that way you will be able to know exactly what’s on your next meal before you decide to take it home with you.


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