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Black Friday Australia: the ultimate guide to the best deals

Black Friday Australia: the ultimate guide to the best deals

Black Friday is famous in Australia and around the world for its tremendous sales on many items. Although stores leave the best deals for Black Friday, for some years now the big discounts can be enjoyed days in advance, both online and in physical stores. You can even see products guaranteed to match any lower price. Electronics, fashion or supermarket chains join this wave of offers and are always reliable places. But it is important to be attentive because there are products that are not recommended to buy on this date. Here is the ultimate guide to the best deals.



  • Electronic items:

Offers on these products are the flagship of Black Friday. However, the most sophisticated and expensive equipment such as televisions, cell phones or consoles don’t receive big discounts on this day. But don't be discouraged. You can still find discounts of 40 to 50% on other more popular technological products or those manufactured to be sold on this date.

  • Kitchen items:

Even though appliance purchases aren’t famous during Black Friday, the truth is that it is worth taking advantage of the sales. Discounts range from 40 to 50% on frying pan sets, coffee makers, blenders, knife sets, juicers and, in general, any other kitchen product.

  • Decoration items:

If you need to renovate or change any item in your home, Black Friday represents a great opportunity for discounts on wall paints, toilets, tools, bathroom decorations, and more. Take advantage of the possibility of saving up to 35%.

  • Groceries:

Major supermarket chains use Black Friday to discount groceries as well. You can take advantage of this event to stock up on food for Christmas, especially if the family gathering is at your house. Just fry the food and that's it.



  • Toys:

While it's easy to imagine that the distance from the holiday season benefits the price of toys, the truth is that it's traditionally better to wait until closer to the date. In recent years, some toys have been on sale for up to 50% off just a few days before Christmas. Of course, you also run the risk of a specific gift being sold out, so you better let Black Friday pass and monitor online stores for the toy.

  • Jewelry and watches:

Unless you have a wedding ring to offer or any other jewelry gift that can't wait, it's best to buy these items after Valentine's Day or Valentine's Day, when retailers need to create rebate incentives for their customers.

  • Bedding:

If you can wait until the “white sales” in January, you will have the opportunity to save 40-50% on this type of product. For more than a century, every January, retailers have followed the tradition of offering deep discounts on sheets, comforter sets, and even towels.

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