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5 cheap beer brands you need to try this year

5 cheap beer brands you need to try this year

Summer is the perfect time to be on the beach sipping a cool beer and enjoying life's little pleasures. It's only a few days until the favorite season of the year for almost all Australians is over and you still have time to get out of your suit, get in the sea and uncork a beer. Supermarkets sell lots of beer brands and sometimes it's hard to choose which one to buy. We usually grab cans or bottles of the most popular commercial brands worldwide, but they are not always the best in terms of taste. Here we propose a list of cheap beer brands that you need to try this year. They are good options if you don't have much money in your pocket.

Sale & Anchor golden beer


Sale & Anchor golden beer 345 ml costs at Dan Murphy's liquor store $3.99. If you get the four-pack of bottles, you pay a total of $13.99. According to the product description, this beer is the result of a careful blending of pale roasted and darker roasted malts to provide a soft golden color and a light roasted barley flavor. If you're not a big beer drinker, you can start with Sale & Anchor to experiment.

A&W Beer


Another option you can find at IGA Liquor is A&W beer. The beer can costs $2.50. It's a reasonable price if you're just experimenting with this drink and don't want to spend all your money on another brand. It's really like you're playing with drinking beer, as it's a non-alcoholic carbonated soft drink commonly called “root beer”. It mixes extracts of vanilla, licorice, nutmeg and other aromatic herbs. It has a very pleasant taste and it seems as if you were drinking real beer.

Tinnies Beer


There are countless brands and choices of beers, but in this limited selection we also include Tinnies low-alcohol beer. You can find it at Liquorland and get a six-pack of 375 ml cans for $9. Australia's Tinnies Ultra Low Alcohol Hoppy Ale has just been awarded the trophy for best non-alcoholic beer and tops the ranking of Australians' favorite beverages. A bonus: always take a Corona with you if you're a fan of alcohol beer.

Karlsquell 1516 beer


Supermarket competition for beer is becoming increasingly fierce. Since 2003 in Aldi you can find Karlsquell 1516 beer, which is characterized by a good product and is priced well below other conventional beer brands. How much? You can get a can for $5. It is a beer that enjoys great popularity among brewers and is liked for its smooth taste.

Amstel Lager Beer


This is a more commercially branded beer, but one that is a firm favorite with the Australian public. Amstel is always welcome for its superior quality and is brewed with pure malt. How much? The can costs $1.91.

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