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4 products that you can only find in Australia

4 products that you can only find in Australia

Each country has its very own collection of products that are so unmistakably local even the most hard-boiled national would shed a tear if they ever find them outside their homeland. The land down under has many specialties tourists may consider odd or even very interesting to try. If you are hungry for some classics, here are five products you can only find in Australia.


A lamington is a spongy cake made coated with chocolate and desiccated coconut… and it is just A-MA-ZING. Probably one of the most iconic Australian pastries in the country. You can find lamingtons in almost any bakery. Some have jelly inside, others have even more chocolate and while they are all very good, there is nothing like a classic lamington to go with your tea.

Golden Gaytime

Golden Gaytime sounds like a very fun festival that should be celebrated yearly on the golden gate bridge (Take note, New York) but it is also one of Australia’s most famous ice creams. Made with toffee, vanilla, and a thick chocolate layer, Golden Gaytime is manufactured by Streets, an Australian ice cream brand owned by Unilever. With temperatures above 115 degrees on an average summer day, this iconic popsicle is the undeniable king of the season, every season. You can find limited editions with flavors like Pina Colada and even Unicorn (not made with actual unicorns). A product that is guaranteed to cause a raging addiction for summer gatherings.


Probably the most Australian product on planet earth (apart from Crocodile Dundee DVDs). Vegemite is made from yeast extracts, vegetables, spices, and additives. And it’s… well, polarizing. We are not joking, this little jar of thick dark brown paste has die-hard fans and cold-hearted detractors that can even stand watching it from a safe distance, and that is probably the beauty of the product. The company has even made ad campaigns with the slogan “Love it or hate it” to make fun of the age-old debate. While the question of taste is a debate that will probably last until the end of time, one thing is certain, there is no product as Australian as Vegemite on top of a slice of bread.

Tim Tams

Tim Tams are Australia’s most beloved chocolate biscuit bars and they have the numbers to back that claim. Over 45 million packets of these adorable bars are sold yearly in the country alone. They have been around since 1964 when the Arnott's Biscuit company first launched then and they have been a classic treat ever since, with generations of fans that appreciate a product that hasn’t changed over time. Legend says that Ian Norris, director of Arnott's, went to Britain, tried the Penguin biscuit, and said to his people “make a better one”. And by god, they did.


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