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Is ALDI cheaper than Woolworths? Here is what you need to know

Is ALDI cheaper than Woolworths? Here is what you need to know

There is a wide range of supermarkets in Australia. But there are two chains that stand out above the rest because of their variety of products, promotions and their strong local public: ALDI and Woolworths. They have a very large catalog of items, good prices and very tempting seasonal sales.

Although each shopper will choose a specific chain based on taste or loyalty, is one cheaper than the other? It is very important to pay attention to the daily publications in order not to miss any opportunity and to compare prices.

Being aware of the promotions and offers that these two supermarkets have is not a minor issue. It will be essential to decompress the wallet a little in order to reach the end of the month without debts and with some margin of money to invest in some personal or household items. Here is what you need to know:


buena-mujer-pie-delante-estantes-verduras-eligiendo-que-comprar_342744-1117.jpg At ALDI, customers will find a wide range of products such as fresh meat, poultry and fish, fruits and vegetables, frozen foods, deli meats, soft drinks, coffee and tea, pet food, cleaning supplies, personal care and hygiene products, clothing, car accessories, office supplies and much more.

There are many ways to save money at ALDI. You can sign up on the official website to receive alerts on products you want to purchase, simply click on the alert icon below the product to receive notifications of promotions and Aldi will send you an email with relevant offers and promotions.

In ALDI's online store you will find important promotions that go up to 60% on selected products. It is really very convenient.


joven-hispano-sonriendo-mientras-envia-mensajes-texto-traves-telefono-inteligente-tienda-comestibles_662251-1409.jpg Woolworths is a long-established Australian chain that offers a wide range of groceries, drugstore items, perfumery items and accessories. Most of the products are their own brand and you get them at a lower price than in traditional supermarkets.

This chain sells fresh produce, deli, beverages, wines, coffee, ready meals, international groceries, nuts and snacks, fruits and vegetables, bread and pastries, gluten-free foods, lactose-free foods, household products, cleaning and personal hygiene items, pet food and much more.

It is possible to save at Woolworths thanks to the offers and promotions published on its official site. In addition, Woolworths publishes weekly flyers with unmissable offers. By downloading the Woolworths mobile app, you can enjoy great discounts and advantages, the same as if you subscribe to their newsletter. There are many opportunities for you to save as much as possible at the supermarket. It will be a matter of checking the offers and choosing one of these two big chains with a physical presence in Australia. It is your choice.

My Deals 365 brings you all the discount catalogs of the main supermarket chains in Australia. Take the opportunity to browse through each of them and look for the best deals. If you start controlling your food expenses, you will be able to balance your finances better. Don't miss this opportunity and make the best possible purchase with little money!


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