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Australian-made cars and automotive innovations

Australian-made cars and automotive innovations

Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota, Fiat, Peugeot. These are some of the major brands that control the automotive market worldwide. They haven’t only expanded with subsidiaries, but have also made strategic partnerships to win more and more weight. Australia has its own car brands and those created for the local market by Toyota, General Motors and Ford. But many no longer exist. However, they have strong roots among locals and are still sold as used. Let's take a look at cars in Australia.



Holden is considered Australia's oldest automotive company. Its predecessor J.A. Holden and Co., founded in 1856, had a long history of manufacturing saddles and only switched to vehicle parts in 1908. General Motors bought the business in 1931 and was able to pull Holden out of its long stagnation. Thanks to his initiative, machine production was launched in 1948. The forced postponement arose due to World War II, when all factories switched to the production of military equipment. Over time, the company began to suffer losses and the Holden brand officially ceased to exist on January 1, 2021. Now all cars that are available in the domestic market of the country are imported from abroad.



The full name of FPV is Ford Performance Vehicles. This brand appeared in 2002 on the basis of Ford Tickford Experience and existed until 2014 as one of the divisions of Ford Australia. At the same time, Ford Motor Company of Australia owned only half of the company and the second part was at the disposal of the British car racing team Prodrive. Historically, this is because the FTE dealer network was preceded by a partnership between Ford and Tickford (an engineering company previously owned by Prodrive). They teamed up to build Falcon-based cars, and together they formed Ford Tickford Experience to sell them.



The HSV brand existed as a subsidiary of Holden and disappeared with it on January 1, 2021. This company was created in 1987 to replace the Holden dealer team. It was co-founded by Tom Walkinshaw Racing and General Motors car manufacturer Holden. Modifications of several cars were produced under the HSV brand. The most famous are: the Avalanche crossover SUV, the ClubSport sports sedan and the Senator luxury sports car.



Elfin is one of the few car manufacturers in Australia that has not closed down. It still exists, although it has not produced anything since March 2012. As the company's full name (Elfin Sports Cars Pty Ltd.) suggests, it specializes in the manufacture of racing and sports cars. The company was founded in 1959 and kept changing owners. The headquarters of the organization is in Melbourne and the factories in the suburbs. Until 2012, three models of vehicles were produced there: sports cars MS8 Clubman, MS8 Streamliner and T5 Clubman.

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