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How to cut your supermarket bill in half

How to cut your supermarket bill in half

Saving at the supermarket seems like mission impossible, but we have good news for you: it's not. If you need to cut your supermarket bill in half and you have no idea how to do it because everything is so tempting, these tips can help you. Try to look for more competitive prices in big Australian chains like Aldi, 7 Eleven, IGA, Foodland and Foodworks, products that are more profitable in the long run and, and avoid impulse purchases that lead to adding more to the cart than you need.

Make a shopping list


Whether or not you have a very good memory, write a list of the items you have to buy. This way you will not only make sure you don't forget anything, but you will also avoid buying unnecessary things. Go through your kitchen pantry and think about the menus you are going to prepare during the week in order to know exactly what you need. It is a very simple tip that can help you save money at the supermarket. It's tedious to schedule food for the whole week, but it will have its monetary rewards.

Stay away from the inner aisles


Supermarkets are strategically designed so that essential groceries such as dairy or meats are located at the ends to force customers to wander the inner aisles and buy products they don't need. Try to avoid the inner aisles and stick to carrying the products you really need.

Don't be afraid of discount coupons


Discount coupons can help you save huge amounts of money. Look for them on the websites of the supermarkets where you usually shop and be aware of the offers they have at any given moment. Here we suggest some supermarkets that are known for their low prices and the constant publication of exclusive offers and benefits for their customers. Aldi, 7 Eleven, IGA, Foodland and Foodworks are the best options in Austria if you want to conserve your budget.

Don't be fooled by brands


You may be used to always buying the same cereals, but private labels are usually cheaper. They generally use products from other companies with their own label and offer them at a cheaper price. Keep an eye on the ingredients to make sure you are buying the same product.

Try not to shop with children


Although sometimes there is no choice, it is preferable to do the shopping without the children around, as they often ask you to buy them products that they don't need and it isn't always easy to say no. Although you can make a shopping list that reflects any treat you want to give yourself or your children. This way you will avoid getting too carried away by cravings and end up spontaneously buying unnecessary things.

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