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7-Eleven is an American convenience store chain headquartered in Dallas, Texas. With a long history in the market, 7-Eleven is present in Australia, as well as in many other countries around the world. In Australia, 7-Eleven operates through a wide network of stores distributed throughout the country.

What kind of products can I find at 7-ELEVEN?

7-Eleven sells a wide variety of products such as sandwiches and wraps, salads and sushi, hot food, sweet food, coffee, hot pastry, pizza, prepared meals, lasagne, spaghetti bolognese, baked good, cupcakes, among many other products.


Frequently asked questions about 7-ELEVEN

When was 7-ELEVEN created?

7-Eleven was founded in 1946 in Texas, United States, as a result of the name change of the Totem Store founded in 1928 and focused on the sale of groceries. In the following decades, 7-Eleven underwent a strong expansion process with the opening of a large number of stores in the United States. In 1963, some 7-Eleven stores began to open 24 hours a day.

Years later, 7-Eleven began its worldwide expansion process by opening stores in countries such as Australia, Japan, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, among many others.

In Australia, 7-Eleven landed in 1977 establishing the first store in Melbourne, in the suburb of Oakleigh. 7-Eleven's Australian headquarters are located in Melbourne. Nowadays, 7-Eleven operates in Australia through 724 stores located in Melbourne, Maribyrnong, Wodonga, Carlton, Balaclava, Dandenong, Mawson, Braddon, Spence, among many other locations.

What brands can I find at 7-ELEVEN?

7-Eleven is a well-known convenience store in Australia that manufactures its own products, and therefore sells products under its own brand name.

How to save money at 7-ELEVEN

Saving money at 7-Eleven is very easy by taking advantage of the deals and promotions they post on their official website. At 7-Eleven stores there are always great deals for customers to take advantage of. At MyDeals365 you will also find the latest offers and promotions at 7-Eleven.

Also, by downloading the 7-Eleven App, customers can get great discounts. By subscribing to the Newsletter or following 7-Eleven on social networks it is possible to keep up to date with the latest deals.

Who are 7-ELEVEN's main competitors across the country?

7-Eleven competes in Australia with other chains of stores such as Supabam , SPAR, Night Owl, EzyMart, Coles Express, IGA Xpress, The Foodary, among many others.

How to get exclusive benefits at 7-ELEVEN

Customers can enjoy great benefits at 7-Eleven through My Deals 365, accessing exclusive benefits. Customers can also purchase products from 7-Eleven's online store and have them delivered to their home. In Australia, 7-Eleven also offers its parcel-mate service, through which customers can send parcels throughout the country.

Also, 7-Eleven has exclusive customer service by e-mail and phone.

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